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How can larger teams with 50, 100 or 500+ users smoothly map their workflow in awork and manage complex projects? We provide the answers.

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The larger the organization in which awork is used, the more users work with the tool and the higher the demands on your workspace. How can larger teams with 50, 100 or 500+ users smoothly map their workflow in awork? What is the best way to structure your workspace? And how can you manage more complex projects in awork? Answers to these and other questions can be found here!

All about awork in larger teams

  1. Individual workspace structure & rights

  2. Projects, processes & internal orga in one workspace

  3. Accurate capacity planning

  4. Project overview with views, filters & co.

  5. Templates for recurring projects

  6. Evaluate times, projects & tasks

  7. Guest licenses for collaboration with external parties

  8. Practical import functions & integrations

Individual workspace structure & rights

First things first! Before you implement awork in your organization, you should configure your workspace to fit your needs. Larger companies often have a hierarchical structure that delineates departments and locations from one another and defines clear areas of responsibility for individual team members. This hierarchy can also show up in tool deployment: Different teams need different access to resources and projects within the tool.

With the rights management in awork, you can customize your workspace and easily map different hierarchy levels and organizational structures. You can map these and many other possibilities in awork:

  • Management wants to be informed about all ongoing projects, but doesn't need access to task details?

  • The team leader needs to coordinate tasks of his team and to be able to edit and evaluate their time availability?

  • Different team members need to be assigned to different projects, but should not have full access to all project details, time evaluation or details of other employees?

  • Different locations, departments or other organizational units should only be able to see and edit their own projects?

  • Freelancers, customers or external consultants work on individual projects from time to time?

Projects, processes & internal orga in one workspace

In line with the different ways of working and projects that coexist in large organizations and their individual units, it is possible to map a large number of different projects in a single workspace. But awork is not only your faithful companion for project planning, but you can also organize various processes, orga topics and workflows in the tool.

This could be the following, for example:

  • The creation of a new campaign,

  • the internal recruiting process,

  • the assembly steps in the workshop,

  • the weekly team meeting,

  • or the next sprint including the backlog for the development of the new app.

Depending on your working style, you can display the tasks and their details in lists, as an agile board or as a timeline with due dates and dependencies. This display is project-specific, so that you can always see the most important information at a glance - nicenstein!

Accurate capacity planning

Especially in larger teams of 50+ employees, capacity planning quickly becomes a challenge: as team size grows, team leaders lose track of upcoming to-dos and due dates. In addition, imbalances can arise: While some have a lack of capacity, others feel underchallenged.

With awork, large teams bring transparency to their workload. In the team planner, you can see the capacities of all team members across projects and users and adjust the workload accordingly. The integrated calendar ensures smooth, reliable planning: it automatically reduces the available capacity of individual team members when new projects, appointments or task blockers are entered. awork thus ensures simple and reliable team and project planning even in larger organizations. Keep calm and plan with awork!

Project overview with views, filters and co.

A typical challenge in work management in large companies: Since you have to map a large number of projects and workflows in the tool at the same time, the high complexity and number of tasks can quickly lead to a lot of confusion. awork offers you various options to keep track of even large projects.

  • The assignment of tags, tasks and project types creates evaluation and categorization options. At first glance, these attributes show you the projects and tasks that are relevant to you and make even a heavily filled workspace neat and clear.

  • With individual filtering and sorting options on different levels, you can display the most important projects and tasks depending on the case.

  • You can structure the content of your projects using task lists. The folding and unfolding of the lists also makes parallel work on tasks extremely clear. It also helps you to focus on the tasks that are relevant to you.

  • In addition to the task lists, the task board and the timeline offer further views in the project to organize tasks either according to their status or in their chronological order. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer to work agilely or according to the waterfall principle.

Good to know: We have customers with several 100 employees who work comfortably and clearly in a single workspace! For example, you can find out how our customer thjnk with over 500 employees works in awork and takes their PM to the next level in our >>Youtube video<<.

Templates for recurring projects

For the joy of work - our slogan says it all: We at awork want to give you real joy of work and avoid that you are held back from realizing your plans by administrative tasks. To make it even easier for you to set up your projects, you can create simple templates for frequently occurring, identical projects or task sets. This saves you manual work and gives you time for the implementation of important topics.

Especially for larger companies with many standardized processes and recurring projects, these templates are a real gamechanger. Just give it a try!

Evaluate times, projects & tasks

In many large organizations, evaluations must also be created during or after the completion of projects for internal or external reporting. With awork you can compile and export this data in just a few clicks.

  • Export your tasks in different views and formats, e.g. to discuss the current status of your projects with the team.

  • Teamleads know exactly when and how long their team members have worked on which projects and tasks thanks to the time evaluation with export function.

Guest licenses for collaboration with external parties

Especially large teams often involve external people in their projects, for whom an extra license should not be bought every time:

  • A freelancer works on a project by the hour?

  • The customer wants to keep an overview of the progress of his/her project?

  • You use an external consultant in your project?

Our practical & cost-saving solution for this: The guest licenses.

Think of an awork guest license as a normal license. However, a user with the role of guest "consumes" only 1/3 of the regular license in awork. Why are guest licenses so cool for your team? You can collaborate with your customers or freelancers in real time and save time-consuming emails. Both sides benefit from the high transparency.

Practical import functions & integrations

Last but not least, a smooth integration of awork into your existing tools is also taken care of. The larger the organization, the higher the number of programs and services used. Therefore, data import and export from awork is important for efficient work. Working with interfaces also simplifies your daily business. This works as follows:

  • Using import sheets, you can easily transfer data from a previously used project management software to awork. The same applies to the creation of many users. This saves you time when changing tools and you are ready to go quickly!

  • With the help of Zapier & Webhooks you can process standardized data in or from other tools.

  • The awork integration library allows you to easily connect to a wide range of tools. From chat apps like Slack or MS Teams, to billing tools and a variety of SSO providers - go wild with your favorite integrations to improve your daily work!

  • Last but not least, thanks to our open API and documentation, you can integrate almost any other tool with awork.

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