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Connect awork and Slack so that activities in your awork projects will also be visible in Slack.

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Slack is a widely used tool for team collaboration and chatting in different channels. With the awork integration for Slack, you will be able to post project updates to channels, create awork tasks from Slack, and much more.

Set up integration for Slack

To set up the integration, go to Settings > Integrations. Open the integration library and select Slack.

You will now be redirected to Slack. Here you need to enter your Slack team name and allow access. After that it will automatically go back to your awork workspace.

Account matching of users

Now, users can already have updates from awork projects sent to Slack. However, to allow users to interact with awork from Slack, they need to link their Slack account to their awork account.

To do this, users are prompted to link both accounts the first time they interact with the integration. Alternatively, a user can also link the account by entering /connect within the Slack input.

โ˜๏ธHint: The messages from awork are sent in the language of the user who created the link.

Linking a project to a Slack channel

If a project is linked to a Slack channel, the events and updates from a project (e.g. the status change of tasks) can be posted in the channel by awork.

Furthermore, it is possible to create tasks for the project from the Slack channel.

Set up the link

Navigate to the project details to link the project to a Slack channel.

Click on the project's action button and select the Link to Slack option. Then select the Slack channel where you want the messages to be posted.

There you will be able to choose for which events you want to post in the Slack channel. The linked Slack channel is displayed in the project details.

โ˜๏ธNote: Each Slack channel can only be linked to one awork project. You can also link only one Slack channel per project.

Linking closed Slack channels

Closed Slack channels can only be linked from within the Slack channel itself. To do so, proceed as follows:

  • Open the closed channel in Slack that needs to be linked

  • Invite the awork bot to the channel by posting a message with the text @awork to the channel. A window will open with a request to add awork to the channel. Confirm the invitation.

  • To connect, use the slash command /link. A project selection opens. Select the project to be linked to the channel.

  • The project is now linked to the closed channel.

  • The notification settings can be made in the awork project as described above.

To disconnect the closed channel from the awork project again, use the slash command /unlink.

Edit tasks from Slack

When a task notification pops up in Slack, you will be able to edit it right from Slack. Below the post with the task, several buttons appear that can be used to change the status, appoint a user, set a due date, or comment on the task.

Create tasks and times from Slack

To perform actions in awork from Slack, you can use the following /commands:

  • /add [task] - Creates a new task in the awork project.

  • /comment [task]:[text] - Creates a comment to the entered task

  • /connect - Connect Slack account with awork account

  • /disconnect - Disconnect Slack and awork account

  • /link [project] - Link project from awork to Slack channel

  • /start [task/project] - start time tracking on a task/project

  • /stop - stop running time tracking

  • /unlink - disconnect between awork project and Slack channel

  • So, for example, just post /add Create design for logo in Slack, and the task Create design for logo will be created within the linked project.

So, for example, just post /add Create design for logo in Slack and the task Create design for logo will be created within the linked project.

Receive awork notifications in Slack

If you have linked your Slack account to your awork account, you will find awork at the bottom of Slack under Apps. There you will find e.g. your awork notifications right within Slack. You just need to configure this once in awork.

You will also be able to use all / commands and create private tasks or start time tracking.

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