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Make enables you to easily connect awork to many other applications – no coding skills required.

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Make is a no-code workflow automation platform that allows you to visually create, build, and automate workflows between multiple apps with close to no limits. With the awork modules in Make you can use specific actions within awork to either trigger or be triggered by some other action between different apps.

You have the following options to choose and implement into your workflow automation:

  • Create, update, retrieve and delete companies

  • Create, update, retrieve and delete projects

  • Watch, create, update, retrieve and delete companies

  • Watch, create, update, retrieve and delete time entries

How to connect awork with Make

1st: Setup in awork

To connect awork with Make you first need the accounts for both tools. Once this is done, just go into your settings in your awork workspace and choose Integrations.

Next you have to navigate to API access and click the green Plus icon to add a client.

Now please enter your details as mentioned below and press save:

  • Name (choose any name you like with at least 6 characters)

  • Client id (Enter the Client ID in the my-app format, e.g. „make-app“)

  • Add redirect URI (Enter the redirect URI as and click the green plus icon to add)

  • Click Save

Next, you should see a popup window with your new client secret. Please copy it and save it somewhere secure. The awork-part of the setup is complete.

2nd: Setup in Make

Following up you will have to move to the Make web app and log into your account.

To add an awork module, you first have to create a new scenario in Make.

Then click on the plus to add an awork module to your scenario.

Now you need to connect your awork workspace to your module via clicking on „Add“ next to the „Connection“ field.

Enter the details as mentioned below and save:

  • Connection name (choose any name you like, this does not have to match your awork API access name)

  • Client ID (enter the details copied from awork)

  • Client Secrets (enter the details copied from awork)

3rd: Authorize the connection

The last step is to authorize the Make app to access your awork account and select your workspace to continue. A new window opens up where you first have to authorize for continuous unrestricted access and second choose your workspace.

Et voilà, all done.

After your connection is verified you can start creating almost every workflow dependencies from app to app that you can imagine. For example receive a message in specific Slack channel for changes on specific tasks.

For more assistance and examples, have a look at the Make help center. If you need any help, please let us know.

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