awork mobile app (iOS & Android)

awork also has a mobile app for iOS and Android for convenient use of awork on the go.

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To use awork on the go, there is a dedicated app for iOS and Android.

Download it from the respective store:

Any problems loading the apps? Then the official article from the support for the App Store or Google Play Store will help you.

Is there also an awork iPad app?

There is no dedicated iPad app from awork.

In principle, the Mobile iOS version can also be installed on iPads. Since the browser version of awork runs flawlessly on the iPad app, we advise against using the Mobile App for iPads and instead use awork on the iPad browser.

☝️ Hint: iPad OS allows you to create app icons from web pages on the home screen, just like apps from the App Store. So you can open awork in the browser and easily add it to your home screen.

The mobile app of awork includes the following areas:

Primarily, the awork app on iOS or Android serves as a supplement to the web app. Thus, not all features are available in the web version mobile. The mobile version is more focused on your own tasks, time tracking, and receiving and viewing notifications.


The awork app allows you to view and edit tasks in list form and create new tasks quickly and easily. You can view, create or edit tasks in the first tab of the bottom navigation bar (My Tasks) or directly in a project.

Overview of tasks

The My tasks section is the first tab in the navigation bar at the bottom and shows all the tasks that are assigned to you. Tasks are shown in list form here.

In the default view, tasks are displayed separately by private and project tasks and grouped by projects. However, this view can be configured by you.

Group and sort your task list

You can freely group and sort your tasks. To do so, drag the task list slightly downwards. The corresponding icon buttons will appear at the top. Click on them to change the grouping and sorting.

Create a new task

To create new tasks, click on the Add button at the bottom right in the My tasks section.

The input fields are mostly the same as you find them in the web app.

Tasks created without a project will be created as private tasks.

Viewing and editing task details

By tapping on a task, a window with the task details will open. Here you can view and edit all details of the task.

Change a task's status

The status of a task can be viewed and adjusted in the overview of tasks. Just tap on the status or the checkbox circle of the task. Now a selection of all available task statuses appears. Select the desired status here.

Within the task details, you will find the status at the bottom of the bar.

Add comments

It is possible to add comments within project or task details. To do so, tap on the chat icon in the bottom left corner of the details window.

To tag users in tasks or projects, simply tap on the @ icon or type @.

To react to a shown comment, swipe right over to comment to reveal the React button and tap it to select an emoji reaction. To see who reacted to a comment, tap and hold the shown emoji underneath the comment. A popup will reveal the users who reacted with the selected emoji.

Delete tasks

When opening the task details, you'll be able to delete them by tapping on the trash can icon in the bottom left corner.


The mobile app enables you to view your projects, create new ones or edit existing ones. You'll find the projects in the second tab of the lower navigation bar.

Project overview

In the project overview, all projects are visible. You have three quick views to switch between, similar to the web version.

  • Active: All projects that are currently in progress (yellow status).

  • My active projects: Active projects of which you are a member

  • All: All projects (regardless of their status)

Tapping on one of the projects in the list will open the project details or the tasks of the project.

Create a new project

Create a new project by tapping on the add button in the lower right corner.

During the project creation, you can fill in the fields known from the web version, for example:

  • name of the project

  • Project members

  • customers

  • project type

  • Deadline

These entries can also be edited later within the project details.

View the project details

Tapping on a project in the project overview will open the project details. In this view, you find the selected project at the top and all tasks and task lists directly below.

Another tap on the project at the top opens a window with the project details. Here you will find the values for name, description, deadline, etc., and you'll be able to edit them.m.

Time tracking

Within the mobile awork app, it is also possible to quickly and easily track your times and have an overview of the times you have previously tracked.

Overview of your own tracked time tracking

Within the third tab of the lower navigation bar, you will find the overview of your tracked times.

Here you will find your recorded times in a weekly overview. By tapping on the days, you can switch between them. Swipe left or right to switch to the next or previous week.

Track times with the Start-Stop timer

Use the add button at the bottom right to start the time tracking timer.

The timer will start, and a window will open where some additional information like the project, a task, etc., can be selected to which the time will be tracked. The window can be closed with or without input by tapping on the save button, and the timer will continue to track until it is stopped again by tapping on the stop icon.

The current entry can be opened again at any time via a tap on the displayed stopwatch, and, e.g., a note can be deposited.

Launch start-stop timer right from tasks

In the overview of tasks, either in a project or under My Tasks, swiping to the left on a task line will reveal a couple of action buttons. Here you will find a play button to start the time tracking directly on this task.

Adding times

If you don't wish to use the start-stop timer for time tracking, you can, of course, simply add times. The procedure is the same as starting the timer in the tab Times.

Tap on the add button in the lower right corner. Now a timer will start, as soon as you select a duration or end time in the opening window, the timer will be ignored, and a regular time entry will be created.

Edit & delete times

The overview of the tracked times allows you to edit them afterward. Just tap on a specific track, and the window for editing the details will open.

Click on the trash can icon at the bottom left to delete the entry.

☝️Hint: Note that the same restrictions apply here as in the web version and that billed times, for example, can no longer be edited.


To stay up to date with your projects, you can receive push notifications through the mobile app. If your iOS or Android device prompts you to do so, you must allow push notifications for awork.

☝️ Note: Notifications settings can only be edited in the web version. There you can set which notifications you want to receive on your smartphone.

The notifications overview

In the fourth tab of the lower navigation bar, you will find the notification overview. Here, all notifications are displayed in chronological order. Similar messages, e.g., that you have been assigned to a task by a person, are displayed in groups.

To mark notifications as read, swipe the notification row to the left and tap the checkbox button. If you swipe far enough, the checkbox will turn green, and you won't have to tap it. The entry is automatically marked as read and disappears from the overview.

If you have enabled notifications to disappear while navigating in your profile settings, tapping the notification is also enough to mark it as read.

In-app notifications

If a notification appears while you have the app open, a banner with the message will appear at the top.

You can tap this popup directly to be taken to the appropriate section, or ignore it and view the message later in the Notifications panel.


Search is located in the bottom navigation bar on the far right. Here you can search for tasks and projects.

awork suggests results that are directly relevant to you, even without a search term.

By tapping on the search results, the respective project or task opens.

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