awork desktop app (macOS & Windows)

Use awork in the comfortable desktop application incl. native notifications

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With the awork desktop app you can use awork comfortably on your computer without having to open the browser. The app is 1:1 the same application you already know from the browser.

Supported operating systems are Window 10, Windows 11 (recommended) and MacOS 13 (Ventura) on Intel and Apple Silicon devices.


The links to download the awork desktop app can be found here on our website. You can also find the link in awork at the top left via the icon with the question mark.



After downloading the application, double click on the awork.exe file. You will be guided through the installation process once. After that you will find awork in your start menu.


After downloading the application, double click on the awork.dmg file. The following window will open. Drag the awork app (left) into the Applications folder on the right. The app is now installed.

If you open the Applications section in the Finder, you can find the awork app there. You can simply drag it into your MacOS Dock to have awork always at hand.

The first time you launch the app, you will need to confirm once that you want the app to launch on your device.


The first time you launch the application, awork will ask you if you want to allow notifications for awork. It is recommended to enable this. Once the app is running but in the background, you will receive your in-app notifications through the operating system. These are then also automatically suppressed as soon as you go into focus mode, for example.

If the app is in the foreground, i.e. you are currently working in it, you will receive the notifications as usual in awork itself. The same applies if you have activated the focus mode.

You can also enable or disable your notifications later in your operating system under Settings > Notifications.

Using links to get into the desktop app

As soon as you log in to the awork app for the first time, awork remembers that you have installed it. If you now open a link, e.g. via an email, you will first be redirected to awork in the browser. There a small popup appears in the upper right corner of the window asking if you want to open the page in the desktop app. Click on the button to do so. You may have to confirm once in the browser to open the app.

If you always want to open your links in the desktop, just activate the small switch in the popup. If you have activated this switch and open a link, you will get to an almost empty awork page and have to confirm the opening of the application once. However, you can also navigate from this page to the actual page via the Open in browser link without using the desktop app.

If you want to disable the default opening of the desktop app on the left, you can do that on the just mentioned page with the switch or also in your account settings.


The desktop app checks automatically 1x per day if new updates are available. As soon as a new update is available, it is recommended to perform it. However, these updates come less frequently.

More often there is a notification within the application that a new version is available. If you click on the notification, awork reloads once and you are up to date.

Offline use

The awork desktop app does not have offline usage. awork is a collaborative application that always needs a connection to the awork servers to ensure that data is loaded, stored and always up-to-date.

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