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awork – the project management tool for you!

awork is a really simple work management tool from Europe that helps your teams to organise projects successfully. With a clear focus on outstanding user experience and beautiful UI design, awork combines project management, team scheduling and time tracking in one tool.

As a GDPR-compliant solution made in Germany, awork can not only keep up with providers from Silicon Valley, but also sets new benchmarks. 🚀

Difference to other tools

awork is a smart project management tool. Unlike other tools, time tracking and resource planning are directly integrated into project management.

awork also automatically supports you in your daily work, e.g. by suggesting what you could do next or using automations to automate your workflows. awork was developed in such a way that all team members enjoy using it. The UI design is deliberately clear and intuitive to use, without users missing out on important functions.

Here you can find out in more detail how awork differs from the following tools:

awork insights

Do you coordinate many client projects and people at the same time and quickly lose track of things? awork provides optimal transparency in every situation. Our multi-project planning makes it easier than ever to plan and manage several projects at the same time. And thanks to the different views – list, board and timeline – you always have an overview, no matter how complex your projects are.

In a working environment where client satisfaction and fast project realisation count, it is crucial that you adhere to agreed due dates. awork's workload planning, which is based on your team's project plan and calendar, allows you to optimise your capacity planning. You get a realistic overview of your own workload and that of your team. Thanks to the synchronisation of calendar entries and assigned tasks, you always have a clear picture of available capacities and can react quickly to last-minute changes. This enables efficient planning and punctual project delivery.

Our users think so too, by the way:

I especially like the calendar integration. It allows for perfect resource allocation, showing which colleague still has capacity. Moreover, you can prioritize tasks, which significantly eases the workflow throughout the day.

Kai Behr – IGA OPTIC eG

The workload overview is extremly helpful. It allows everyone in the team to see individual workloads so tasks are distributed effectively.

Lucas Poggenmöller – Wortmann AG

Of course, efficiency in the project business is essential for profitability. awork's intuitive and reliable project-based time tracking is designed to help you keep to budgets and optimise time usage.

Whether with the timer, afterwards via drag & drop or by turning meetings into times – awork makes time tracking simple and flexible.

In addition, you can create a time report in just a few steps and generate invoices in a flash thanks to the numerous connection options for invoicing tools such as lexoffice, MOCO and sevDesk.

Four reasons that make awork the first choice for our users

🍋 Unique User Experience: awork provides the most delightful UX in the industry.

At awork, we make work management as simple, intuitive and beautiful as possible. The result is a standardised, clearly structured and intuitive tool that all team members enjoy using.

The agency kreativkarusell confirms this:

When I first saw awork, I immediately fell in love with its amazing design, which convinced me instantly.

Alex Linnemann – kreativkarussell

🤹🏼‍♀️ Productivity Boost: awork seamlessly integrates project management, team scheduling and time tracking, boosting productivity for daily project businesses.

Take a look at what Content-Fleet has achieved! After they introduced awork, they were able to increase their efficiency by an incredible 95% in a very short time. ✅

With awork, we save multiple hours per week, which accumulates over months and years. The streamlined workflow also assists us in upcoming projects and new clients, as we can offer this improved and automated project management through awork in the first place.

‍Philip Dipner – CEO Content Fleet

🇪🇺 Safe and Trustworthy: awork is GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified and is developed and hosted under secure EU regulations.

💡 Happy and Motivated Teams: awork offers leading inspiration and guidance to create modern, happy, and motivated teams.

With the help of annual work happiness reports, we at awork have extensive knowledge about how work happiness can be shaped, what economic effects work happiness brings with it and what its realisation looks like in practice. We are not only happy to share these valuable insights with our users, but we also utilise them intensively in the development of our product.

Some of our users have shared their experiences with awork to show you exactly why they use it:

“awork allows us to loose as little time as possible on administrative tasks. We can fully focus on our projects.”

Arda Serce – CEO at Bitforge

“Thanks to awork, we have all the information in one place. Everyone can access project and task data with full transparency, whenever needed.”

Anna-Carina Breckweg – New Business Director at Thjnk

“Just had a chat with @awork’s support. That’s what I call customer-oriented work – very, very good. And the tool is just as capable!”

Bernhard Hinsken – CEO at Surikata

Sounds good?

Start your awork adventure now and get to know work management on a whole new level!

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