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Release history

awork receives updates every ~4 weeks. This is the documentation going back to our very first product release.

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Budget bento release 🍱 – 21.05.2024

KPI reports for projects and users

The KPI reports provide quick and easy access to key metrics regarding project and user times. In the "Times" tab, the KPIs are displayed at the top of the project overview. For projects, the KPIs include "total tracked time," "ready to invoice," "budgeted time," and "tracked vs. planned." For users, the KPIs include "total tracked time," "ready to invoice," and "absences."

New time view: tracked vs. planned

The new "tracked vs. planned" view in the "Times" tab provides detailed data on the times of individual tasks and lists, which can be used to optimise project planning. The columns "planned," "tracked," "progress," and "billable" now show the details directly right next to the corresponding task lists, tasks, and subtasks.

Linking task lists

You can create direct links to task lists by clicking "Copy link to list" in the action menu of the list.

Add teams easier to projects

When assigning teams to projects, not just the first 10 teams but all teams in the awork workspace are now displayed. This allows you to find teams either by scrolling through the list or by actively searching in the search bar.

Faster search in permission management

The search function in the permission management has been expanded to include role names, email addresses, and team names, making it easier to filter the user list and search more efficiently.

β€œDue date” instead of β€œDeadline”

The word β€œDeadline” has been replaced by β€œDue date” in the task details.

Copypasta release 🍝 – 01.04.2024

Collaborative Live Editing

The new live editing feature allows team members to simultaneously work on texts and track who is currently performing which actions in a text field.

Securely copy and paste formatted Texts

It is now possible to copy and paste formatted texts with the same formatting both within and outside of awork.

New formatting options

The awork toolbar has been optimized and now offers extended formatting options, including various text sizes and styles as well as the ability to add links, file references, and emojis.

"Undo" and other important shortcuts

New shortcuts make it possible to quickly undo or restore text formatting as well as perform other text actions.

Direct viewing of times in tasks

awork now allows you to directly view the time spent on individual tasks to get a better overview.

Select and edit entire lists at once

Lists can now be completely marked, simplifying the editing of times, time reports, and task lists within projects.

Assigning multiple times to a task

When batch editing times, it is now possible to define the associated task for several selected entries.

Task filter by list names The task filters now also allow filtering by list names.

Coffee break release β˜•οΈ – 12.02.2024

The flexible Timer 2.0

The flexible Timer 2.0 offers numerous optimizations for time tracking in awork. It is now possible to pause a running timer or, if necessary, delete the already tracked time completely, thus not including it in the time tracking. In addition, the start time of a tracking timer can be adjusted afterwards and tasks can be created directly in the timer. The tracking timer is now also clearly visible in the task list view and can be edited from there.

New features for batch editing times

In every list view of times in awork, depending on the permissions, multiple time entries can be selected and edited. When batch editing times, the new actions "Set project", "Set task", and "Set user" are now available. These allow to simultaneously change the associated project, task, or user for the selected time entries.

New shortcuts for the quick action "z"

When creating a new time entry using the "z" key in awork, extended options are now available to quickly and accurately create an entry. These include the new quick actions: "/now" to set the current time as the end time. "/8" to set the start time to 8 am using a shortcut command. "/8-12" to set the start and end time directly to 8 am and 12 pm respectively.

Duplicate time reports

Through the action menu (icon with three dots), the new option "Duplicate" can now be chosen in the overview or in the details of the selected reports, creating a copy of the evaluation.

Improved search in task lists

The improved search in the list views allows for targeted searching based on specific criteria, similar to a filter command. From now on, it is possible to search for task lists, priority (Prio), due date, and status name.

Swiss-Cheese πŸ§€ – 22.01.2024

bexio Integration

A new invoicing tool expands our integration library with this release. With more than 70,000 users, bexio is a popular business software from Switzerland that is particularly popular with small and medium-sized companies. bexio offers a solution for anyone who has spent far too much time on bookkeeping in their daily business and aims to make administration as easy as possible.

Improved search

With the improved search, you can now also search project and task descriptions. In addition, search results can be sorted by project, task, user & client using new filter options.


The new awork ✨ - 04.12.2023

Major redesign of awork

The release of the new awork is all about improving awork’s core values for our users (easy, fast, beautiful). By re-developing our whole design system and applying it to almost every existing aspect of the application we are introducing the next evolution of awork.

Improved design consistency

Logical and intentional design rules apply to the whole application. This helps the user to understand awork and digest its information easily. It improves the overall look-and-feel (subjective quality) of the application and makes it faster and more fun to work with.

Improved overall structure

This is is achieved by improving the overall visual (and logical) appearance of the user interface (e.g. unifying navigation options in the new sub-navigation). Introducing new ways to customize (e.g. add favourite projects, filters, teams to the side-bar) allows to adjust the given structure to individual needs. Always providing the right information and navigation options for the users potential workflows helps to get a better understanding and overview of the users current view.

Improved usability

Connecting a functionality to a specific design element (e.g. plus-button = blue, top left) helps to quickly adapt intuitive behaviour and actions. By reducing complexity (e.g. action-bar providing information about active selections, whithout the need to click for details β€œgrouping project for clients”) we are able to have less friction while using awork – making it faster and easier for our users to understand.

Snack 🍩 - 21.08.2023

Subtasks in templates

Subtasks are now available to use in project and task templates.

MOCO integration

We added another billing integration to awork. MOCO specializes on agency specific workflows.

@task notification option

You can now use @task in the activity log of a task to directly notify all users assigned to it. This ensures your message reaches everyone and no one is left out.

Rhino 🦏 - 30.05.2023

awork Desktop apps

awork is now available as a desktop app for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS incl. native notifications.

Task details in dashboard widget improved

The detail info items for tasks on the dashboard have been improved for a better visibility.

β€œToday” starts on left in timeline

The timelines open with β€œtoday” on the left side of the screen instead of the previous centered position.

Filter by deactivated users in time reports

Select deactivated users in the time reports and filter by them.

Task list header summaries always shown

The task list headers within a project now show the progress in terms of closed vs. all tasks and tracked vs. planned time all the time.

Subtasks in recurring tasks

Recurring tasks also copy all their subtasks when a new instance is created by the given recurrence rule.

Indicator for comments on task

Tasks show a small indicator in list and board view if there are comments on the tasks.

Quokka 🦘 - 08.05.2023

Better selection of project & task when creating times

Empty fields have been added when creating times and tasks to make it faster and easier to assign a project and task.

Wider selection popups

All selection popups have been widened to better recognize long names.

Customer names in project selection

In the project selection popup, the customer name is now displayed and searchable.

Setting for a mandatory project selection in time recording

With a new setting in the time tracking settings, you can now force the selection of a project when creating new times.

Stop recently tracked times again

The timer at the bottom right of the screen has a new recent tab to re-stop recently recorded times.

Hide suggestions for time tracking in "My day

You can now hide the Activity section in My Times > My Day in your profile settings.

Jump from timer to task or project

If you hover your mouse over the running timer at the bottom right of the screen, you will see the project and task you are currently tracking your time on. The names are now clickable, so you can quickly navigate to the project or task.

Move task lists to other projects

You can now move entire task lists including all tasks and subtasks contained in them to other projects.

Duplicate task list including tasks

Also new is that you can duplicate entire task lists.

Show completed tasks more easily

Viewing completed tasks has been simplified. Now you have the option to show all tasks of a project or just the recently closed ones.

More task details on the dashboard

If you have enough space on the dashboard, you will now find all task details as you know them from the list view within a project.

View all subtasks if the parent task matches the filter

If a subtask matches your task filter, it will be displayed as expandable and you can view all related subtasks, even if they do not match your filter.

Many minor improvements

The text fields for project and task names no longer shrink when you edit long names. The click area for adding tasks between two existing tasks in the list view has been increased.

Panda 🐼 - 06.03.2023

Real tasks as subtasks

Tasks can be structured hierarchically in the list views into subtasks and parent tasks. Subtasks remain full-fledged tasks including all functions such as due dates, comments, attachments, etc.

The previous subtasks become a checklist

The items within a task previously referred to as subtasks now become a "checklist". Existing items in the checklist can be easily migrated to real subtasks.

Different planned efforts for users

If more than one user is assigned to a task, different planned efforts can be assigned to them. The total value is distributed evenly among all users, unless explicitly specified for individual users.

Recurring tasks in timeline and workload

A preview of when a recurring task will occur is now displayed in the timeline of projects and the planner. If the task has a planned workload and at least one user, it is also included in the workload.

Faster search and data fetching

Search has been improved so that search results are now displayed faster. In addition, many other improvements have been made so that data is loaded faster.


Narwhal 🐳 - 28.11.2022

New planner layout

The planner is out of beta and now has a new layout. There is now only the timeline view and the calendar view. The workload can now always be shown additionally in the timeline. In the main timeline you will find an overview of all projects and by clicking on them, you can see the task timeline of the respective project.

New task sidebar in the planner

The planner has a new task sidebar, with a clear navigation. This sidebar is now also available in My Planner.

New design of the task timeline in the project

The task timeline within a project has been completely overhauled and has the new design of the planner, shows the project start and has an SVG export.

New: Bookings - for quick and easy team planning

Instead of assigning planned workloads to users in the project details, you can now create bookings in the timeline and thus freely decide on the periods of occupancy.

Detailed information about workload on individual days

If you move your mouse over the workload chart of users, you will now see detailed information about which tasks, bookings and calendar entries make up the workload.

Color coding of projects

You can assign a color to projects in the planner to better and faster distinguish the tasks and bookings of the users in the workload timeline.

Drag-create in all timelines

With the proven drag-creature feature, you can quickly and easily create tasks, absences, bookings and projects in all timelines. So you "paint" your planning in the timeline in no time.

Google Sheets Integration

awork now has a Google Sheets add-on, which you can install in the Google Workspace Marketplace. With it you can easily load the main data from awork into a Google Sheet and build your own reports and dashboards.

Mammoth 🦣 - 10.10.2022

Projects in timeline view

In the project overview, you will now find a timeline view to view all projects with start and end dates clearly arranged over time.

Individual working hours

Instead of the weekly working time, you can now enter a daily working time for each user to better reflect availability in the planner.

Half-day absences

It is now also possible to create half-day absences in awork, in order to be able to map the availability of your team even more accurately.

Personio integration for absences

With the new integration to Personio you can easily load your team's absences from Personio and don't have to maintain them in awork in parallel anymore.

Task sync to the main calendar

You can now choose a target calendar for the sync and thus also sync scheduled tasks back to your main calendar, so that these times are blocked e.g. before appointments.

Exclusion of non-busy appointments

Appointments from your calendar that are marked as non-busy are now excluded from the workload calculation.

Improved resizing of tasks in the calendar

Tasks in the calendar can be dragged more precisely and shortened to 5 minutes. Manual entry via the action menu is also possible.

More info for small timeline items

Small tasks and projects in the Timeline now expand temporarily and automatically when you hover over them. This allows you to quickly and easily capture the information.

Improved assignment of users via drag and drop

When dragging and dropping tasks into the Timeline and Calendar, assigning users has become more intuitive. Another option is now always offered to avoid accidental removal of users.

Action button for projects in timeline

Projects now have an action button in the planner to directly change the assignment of users or open the project in the project's task timeline.

Improved server performance and reliability

We have made extensive adjustments to our server to make awork faster, more stable and more reliable.

Two new triggers in awork Zap (Zapier)

The Zapier integration of awork has two new triggers: Task modified (edited) and Project created.

Lion 🦁 - 11.09.2022

Unified global action button

The Quick Actions, the green plus button and the search have been merged in to the new awork action button. ⚑ Use it to search and access the actions to create new objects within awork.️

New way to create tasks, projects, clients & times

The popup windows to create new tasks, priojects, times and clients have been reworked completely. They have a clean look, without any functionality cuts. They all are capable of the handy slash commands to quick assign values.

Sticky header & footer for modals

Large windows were hiding their buttons until scrolling to the very bottom. This has changed and the buttons as well as the header gets sticky to the browser edges as soon as the window gets too big.

Safe closing of popups by clicking outside

Closing popups to assign certain values has partially been an inconsistent experience. We’ve now removed all buttons from popoups and closing a popup is done by clicking outside the popup. This click won’t cause any other action than closing and saving.

Add task templates in project automations

We’ve added a new action for your automations, which allows you to automaically load a task template into your project. It is now available for all automations triggers like the change of a project status.

New billing tool integration: EasyBill

We’ve added EasyBill as billing tool to the awork integration library. You are now able to create invoices from your times directly from awork into your existing EasyBill account.

New app connector integration: Make

Make, a tool to integrate different tools with an easy to use interface, is now capable to connect awork as source or target.

New referral program

The new referral program lets every user easily recommend awork to friends and partners. Each successful referral gets rewarded when a new 12+ months subscription is created. Check it out!

Newly layouted subscription window

The window to manage your subscription, adjust booked users as well as payment cycles, etc. got a revamp and looks now nicely cleaned up.

Updated frameworks & improved infrastructure

We’ve updated some of our code libraries on which awork runs as well as some improvements on our infrastructure for reliability, speed and stability.

Koala 🐨 - 15.08.2022

Identify prio tasks better and mark them faster

We have improved the visibility of the prio flag and once set, it always stands out in red. Additionally, it is now also displayed in board cards and can be set as a hover action in lists and board directly.

More information in the notification emails

We have refreshed the notification emails from awork and added missing information, such as the project names.

Displaying the sender in tasks from emails

When creating tasks from emails, awork now writes the sender in the first line of the description. This way it is also clear who the email comes from if it was sent by a non-awork user.

Create subtasks from copied lists (e.g. from notes)

You can now copy lists e.g. from your notes into the subtask input field and awork will automatically create a subtask for each entry/row.

Clickable links in subtasks

Links in subtasks are now clickable and will be shortened and highlighted. This eliminates the need for annoying manual copying to open the links.

Improved handling of board cards

We have made a number of improvements to the board view. These include direct display of images after upload, display of list names, the priority flag and automatic horizontal scrolling when moving a card.

Private tasks in search

Your private tasks now also show up in the search.

Tooltip for small time entries in "My Times"

For small time entries in the day view under "My Times", a tooltip is now displayed that shows all information about the time entry.

Improved display of the person responsible for a project

The person responsible for a project is now marked by a small icon in the project details, so you can see faster who owns the project.

Wider popups for selecting projects and tasks

The dropdowns for selecting projects, tasks and customers are now displayed wider, so you can see more of the name and find the appropriate entry faster.

New layout of user details

We've re-layouted a user's details so they now look clearer.

Many mini improvements, styling fixes and improved wording

We've tweaked small design bugs, unintelligible text, and minor barriers throughout awork to make the overall experience more intuitive and enjoyable.

Jack Rabbit 🐰 - 18.07.2022

Comment notifications usability

Notifications now have an unread status to identify the ones,
which have been clicked already. On top you can access old notifiations and we’ve improved the grouping in the popup.

Notifications for reactions

You now get notifications for emoji reactions on comments. This is optional and can be set up in your notification settings. Make reactions a real part of your communication.

Optimized hiding of closed projects

Closed and cancelled projects are now more strictly hidden in all selection popups, overviews and search. You actively need to include them with a switch to see them.

Hiding older tasks in board columns

You can now hide tasks which have been closed prior to today from the done columns of your task boards. This makes the board view also usable for long running projects.

Saving scroll position in overview

Jumping from the overviews (projects, clients, etc.) into the detail screens and back now preserves the scroll position. This helps to go through project by project.

New tag popup everywhere

The recently released tag popups got a couple of essential improvments and is now also used for clients and users. It’s now the new default for tags.

A ton of improvements everywhere

We did a ton of improvements everywhere in awork. Fixed some issues in the text editor, improved loading times, reduced flickering, improved deep-linking and a lot more.


If you are using SSO in the enterprise plan, you can now activate SCIM for an automated user provisioning between your identity provider and awork.

Iguana 🦎 - 11.06.2022

Calendar sync with tasks in planner

We now sync your scheduled tasks in the planner back into your Google or Microsoft calendar. This was the missing piece from our planner release which closes the loop for your planning.

Project templates by the awork team

The templates are back! We not only have improved the whole template selection including marking favorites and a search, we are now offering pre-designed templates for very common project workflows.

Task dependencies in templates

It is now possible to create task dependencies already in your templates. This makes building pre-defined workflows so much easier. When creating a template from existing tasks, dependencies are regarded as well.

Large data handling

We optimized several cases where huge amount of data items were breaking the UI or generally affecting the interface performance.

Performance improvements

We improved and updated the awork search as well as the loading times in the planner. The planner works now smoother and faster, especially with when using the Microsoft calendar integration.

New tags popup

Instead of the tag modal we built a new, optimized tag pop up. It shows you your most used tags as well as all the used tags of a project. This makes the tags selection so fast.

Hamster 🐹 - 16.05.2022

Private projects

With private projects you can manage your personal to-dos - without team members being able to see them. Private projects are displayed with a key icon and are only visible to you as the project creator, or to users you invite to your private project.

Project level automations

Finally, you can create smart, super-duper-nice project automations, and save lots of time! A whole new set of project triggers with matching actions is available for you.

Improved project templates

You have projects in your team that always run similarly? Now you can duplicate project templates, easily import created task bundles into your project templates and convert existing projects into new templates.

Finally consistent: The to-do status

Now you can set your preferred to-do status in two ways: either as a grey checkbox, as shown in the task list so far - or you choose an icon with a blue background. Whatever you choose, your to-do status will look consistent and smooth across all views!

Bunch of planner improvements

After our big planner release we have made some improvements in this release: the drag & drop is smoother than ever, the workload is displayed in higher contrast and overbooked hours are highlighted in red in the workload hover! This gives you an even better overview of your teamΒ΄s workload.


Fox 🦊 - 19.09.2021

Multiple task assignees πŸ₯³

It is finally possible in awork to set multiple assignees for a task. And if you don't want that, you can simply deactivate it. You can find a toggle for this in the general settings of awork.

Preview of project templates

When creating a new project, you now have the possibility to preview the available project templates. This way, you can make sure that you always have the right template.

Reactions in mobile app comments

We've polished the comments in awork's mobile app to resemble those in the web app, with video previews and more. By swiping over a comment, you can now add emoji reactions quickly and easily on a mobile device.

Auto billability for project templates

In the project templates, there is an option "Auto" for the billability of the project. With this option, the default billability is based on whether the project is created with a client, just as it is when you create a project without a template.

Deleting lists including tasks

When you delete a task list in a project, you have the option to delete the tasks as well, without having to do this in a second step as before.

Automation for task watchers

You can now build automations where you send a message to all watchers of a task.

Limitation of time tracking to 10h per day

A new setting option for time tracking allows you to limit time tracking for the entire awork workspace to 10h. Saving times beyond that will not be allowed. However, users with admin permissions are exempt from this.

Budget and responsible person in project export

In the Excel export of the project overview, we have added the fields "Budget" and "Responsible."

Menu visibility in permission roles improved

In the settings of the permission roles, you can now only select or deselect the menu items for which sufficient permissions are available in the role. This helps to prevent impossible combinations.

Unicorn πŸ¦„ – 19.07.2021

The biggest update awork has seen so far.

New design & new main menu

awork shines in a new, fresh look. Everything is more contrasty, friendly and cleaner. In the course of this, the main menu has also been cleaned up and everything less frequently used has been moved to the settings. All settings pages have been reworked in layout and are now more understandable and clearer.

Notifications relaunched

The notifications popup has been split into general notifications and comments. So nothing can slip through anymore. Notifications now have to be manually marked as read and then disappear from the overview. A more sensible grouping will also help you to work better with the notifications in awork in the future.

Quick Actions for creating times and tasks

The Quick Actions are new and, from now on, accessible from the app header. They allow you to create tasks and times in no time (even just with the keyboard). Using the shortcut CMD+J or CTRL+J, you can open them from anywhere in awork and start hacking in times and tasks right away.

New project templates and optional project types

The project types are now only a categorization of your projects for reports. For all other project settings, there are now project templates. Here you can predefine settings, status, tasks, etc., and apply them directly to the new project when you create it.

Task bundles are now task templates

Task bundles are now called task templates. Besides that, not much has changed here. Only the public task packages have been deactivated and will soon be replaced by more comprehensive project templates. Furthermore, the link between task templates and project types has been removed. Project templates now have their own predefined tasks & lists.

Show and hide columns

You can now determine which details should be shown in the list in the overviews for projects, tasks, and users. Depending on how much space your window has, you can show up to 6 different columns. awork also remembers your settings automatically.

Tasks show more details in board and list

In the view for task lists and the board, tasks now show more details, like if there are attachments, how many subtasks have been completed, and more.

Images and more in the description fields

In the description fields for tasks and projects you can now also insert files or attach already added images or files via an "@".

My tasks + task views = tasks

The task views are now task filters and have been combined with "My Tasks" to the menu item "Tasks". In this view, you can manage your own tasks as usual but also create your own cross-project and cross-user filters.

Time evaluations in projects

In the tab "Times" of a project you will now see a summary of the recorded times, as known from the time evaluations. With one click, you can jump from the project times to the evaluations and evaluate the project there directly, invoice it, or export it as a timesheet.

New Help Center & new Developer Docs

We have relaunched the complete help center for awork. Extensive articles in German and English will help you to find answers to your questions quickly in the future. The developer docs have also been revised.

awork Google Home Voice Client disabled

We decided to shut down the awork Voice Client for the time being because it has not been used very much in the last years.

Dino πŸ¦– – 04.04.2021

Create tasks faster with shortcuts

Game changer! You can now use the shortcut "t" to open the new task window from anywhere in awork, enter tasks quickly and assign projects, lists and people using slash commands. Be sure to try it out! 🀩

​Edit several tasks at the same time

Finally! πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ From the task lists, it is now possible to select several tasks and edit them, assign them to a user or move them to another project.

Improved formatting options

There are now a number of new features in the description fields of projects and tasks that make it easier to write comprehensive and cleanly formatted briefings, e.g. with separators, multi-level lists and the help of intuitive shortcuts.

​Emoji reactions for comments

You can now respond to comments quickly and with heart in awork too, with the new emoji reactions.

Drag and drop files for comments

Files can be dropped directly into the field for writing new comments in order to attach them to the comment. This works even if you haven't written anything yet.

Formatting for comments πŸ’œ

The new formatting is now also available for comments!

Video preview in comments

If you post a video link (Youtube, Loom, etc.) in a comment, awork now automatically generates a video preview and the video can be played directly.

​Recurring tasks with times

We have improved the recurring tasks and you can now define when the first new task should be created, at what time and when the due date should be.

​Many small improvements πŸ¦–

In addition, we have made many small improvements and corrections to make working with awork even more joyful. These include, for example, the filter for the task selection, the prio flag in the automations, the editability of tags from the task lists, and many more.

Chipmunk 🐿 – 12.02.2021

Individual project images

You can now assign each project, with or without clients, its own little picture for better recognition.

​Tasks from emails

Forward emails to the specific project address, and a task is automatically created. Best of all, there's an automation feature that allows you to perform further actions on that tasks automatically.

​List view for project files

The project files can now also be displayed in a clear list view - in case the project gets too full.

​Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Do you already use SSO for your team? Then you can now configure it for awork as well. Out-of-the-box Okta, Azure AD, Auth0, OneLogin, and Google are all supported.

​Mention files in comments

Besides users, teams or the project members, you can now also mention files of the project or task in comments, so that they are directly linked with a preview.

​Connect awork projects with private Slack channels

Even private Slack channels can now finally be linked to awork. The slash command /link from within the channel makes it possible.

​Customizable time format - hours, days, or both?

We found the format "4d 5h 23m" a bit too long and have optimized it. It now automatically shows hours (e.g. 5:23h) or days (4.7d) depending on the value. However, every user can also set one or the other as default.

​Many little life enhancers πŸ’œ

The purple stopwatch now shows the task and project on mouse-over; time evaluations now have an all-time filter as well as 5-minute rounding; the time selection has got a quick selection for "now"; the days in the my-time week view are now clickable; the drag&drop of tasks has been sped up; tasks now show all followers; you can close the search with ESC; in the timeline, the name is displayed better for short tasks; the image section selection can now do more; various speed optimizations; from the absence widget on the dashboard, you can now jump directly to the team planner


Baboon πŸ’ – 20.12.2020

Export timeline as PDF 🀩

You can now export your project timeline as a PDF. This way you can send it to your client or include it in the next presentation.

Move dependent tasks along

In the timeline you can activate the automatic moving of dependent tasks. As soon as you can move tasks in the timeline, the subsequent tasks are also moved.

File previews for PDFs and MS Office documents

The file preview now also shows PDFs, all kinds of MS Office documents and videos.

Set project time budgets

The new project time budget allows you to set a budget for the entire project and measure progress against it.

Start timer from dashboard

The timer can be restarted from the action menu on any task, project or time. This is especially nice on the dashboard or search.

Mark projects as (not) billable by default

In the project settings, a project can be marked as billable by default. All times that are tracked on the project are automatically pre-marked as billable.

Set default project role

You can mark one of your project roles as the default role in the awork settings. This will automatically preselect this role when you staff your next project team.

Mention project team, teams or the entire workspace in comments

With @project, @workspace or the team name you can mark and notify larger groups of people in the project and task comments.

Transferring changes to automations

If you change an automation in the project types, you can now transfer these changes to all projects of the type.

Group project overview

The project overview finally has its own grouping. Group the projects e.g. by customer, user, due date or project type. πŸ’ͺ

Improvements up and down

Many small optimizations are waiting for you, such as preventing accidentally sent notifications, optimized drag behavior for tasks without lists, not so frequent loading of the project team when assigning tasks, comments are now only sent with ctrl+enter - no longer with shift+enter.

Alpaca πŸ¦™ – 21.11.2020

Individual capacity per user

Define the weekly capacity for each user individually, so that you can plan your team better. The new capacity also automatically adjusts when the green circle for time recording is full.

​Google Drive and OneDrive Integration

Files can now also be attached to tasks, projects or comments from Google or One-Drive. No setup is necessary for this. Simply select directly and get started.

New widget for project progress

A new widget in battery style shows you the current status of how many tasks are in your project. Get it now!

All kinds of navigation simplifications

We have optimized the navigation in many small places. Tasks on the dashboard can now be opened in one window, the link to a task can be easily copied and shared, you can jump directly from the time recording entries to the project or task, the project search also searches the customer name, files can be opened directly with a click, and a few more.

​Sweet new login area

We have cleaned up the login area. It is nicer, clearer and all information is easier to see.

A few cool little things

The duration input, e.g. in time recording, now also allows the format 4:30 for 4h 30m. The first day of the week is now automatically based on the region settings in the browser. AND: We have an alpaca hidden somewhere in awork. πŸ¦™ πŸ‘ˆβ“

All for the team ✊ - 04.10.2020

Teams for your workspace

Create teams and assign users and projects to the teams to limit the visibility of projects and manage larger numbers of users more easily.

​More powerful task bundles

The task bundles have been upgraded, and you can now also assign users or project roles already in the templates, attach files, etc.

Filter task views by status name

In the task views or on the dashboard, you now have the possibility to filter by the name of a task status if you only want to see the tasks with a specific status.

​Edit dependencies in tasks

Task dependencies can no longer be edited in the timeline only, but can be set in the task details for all project tasks - even for tasks without start and end date.

​Better display of the workload

In the team planning, the actual workload is now displayed for the users in mouse-over.

​Small improvements

The user profile settings have moved to the first tab of the profile, making them more accessible.

If you create another workspace, there is a new intermediate step to avoid accidentally creating a new workspace.

Did that from home - 13.09.2020

πŸ’» File storage in projects

Your project now has its own file storage! Best of all, it automatically shows the files of all tasks as well.

πŸ’» Copy & paste for images in the comments πŸ₯³

You can now easily copy and paste images into comments and add them to your tasks or projects easily.

πŸ’» Advanced list views

On large screens (min Full-HD) awork grows a bit and shows you more details in the list views of projects, users, clients and tasks.

πŸ’» Minimap in task lists

Keep the best overview in cases of long and many task lists in your projects with the new minimap - a bird's eye view of your lists and tasks.

πŸ’» Settings for time tracking

New workspace settings allow you to restrict when times can be created and edited.

πŸ’» Login with Apple ID

From now on, you can also register with your Apple ID and then log in. You can link your existing awork account to your Apple ID as well.

πŸ’» Recommend awork and save money

Every successful recommendation (new contract over 12 or 24 months) discounts your next invoice by the 1-month value of the new contract. The referred workspace will receive the same discount on the first invoice.

Summer time awesomeness - 12.07.2020

πŸ’» Tags 2.0

Tags now have a free choice of colors, a cooler design, and can be renamed and deleted.

πŸ’» New filters for task views

We have added several new filters for the task views. You can now filter by tasks without due dates as well as by tasks via customer tags (the customer of the project the tasks belong to).

πŸ’» Creating tasks despite grouping

Under "My tasks" you can now quickly and easily add new tasks to grouped lists. The corresponding value for the group will be added directly to the task, e.g. the appropriate due date in case of time grouping.

πŸ’» Edit dashboard task filters

The task views you use for your dashboard widgets can now be edited directly from the widget settings.

πŸ’» Sort tasks by start date

Under "My tasks" and the task views you can now sort the tasks by start date.

πŸ’» Revised time overviews

We have revised the view "Times" within a project, a user, or a task. Everything is now clearer, and more grouping options are available.

πŸ’» Subscription in workspace settings

In the workspace settings, you can now see your current awork plan, and you can easily edit it from there. In the main menu, it was sometimes just too hard to find.

πŸ’» Sidebar draggable in the timeline

The bar with the unplanned tasks can now be dragged and dropped to the desired width. In this way, even long task names can be easily recognized.

πŸ’» oAuth 2.0 for Lexoffice integration

We have changed the authentication for the Lexoffice integration to oAuth 2.0. From now on, an integration can only be set up via oAuth 2.0. However, existing integrations will continue to work. A small goodie on the side: A newly created invoice about the LexOffice integration now opens directly in the edit mode.

πŸ’» Rejected appointments no longer in calendar

Under "My Times", appointments that you have already rejected are no longer displayed. So the view is more like your actual calendar.

πŸ’» Task export to Excel

You can now export the tasks in a project or task view to an Excel file and process them further for individual evaluations, printing, etc.

πŸ’» Many UI improvements and bug fixes πŸ™Œ

We have put a lot of effort into it and made a lot of mini-optimizations. These include, for example, more intuitive message entry in the automations; an improved view of the board columns even on larger screens; a dark mode view of the note widget; and much more.

Let’s get automated - 18.05.2020

πŸ’» Automations

From now on, you can set if-this-than-that conditions for projects and project types in awork and automate your processes this ways. This should make you even more productive.

πŸ’» Field Others for clients

You gave us the feedback that you want to include more information about your clients. Because of that, you can now create your own fields for clients.

πŸ’» Dashboard - awork now saves the size of your activity widget

awork will now remember the size (number of entries) of your activity widget, like all other widgets already did.

Driving in Autopilot - 12.04.2020

πŸ’» Autopilot

The autopilot helps you to manage your projects. It keeps your project progress in check and proactively informs projects members and project managers via e-mail about to-do's and due dates.

πŸ’» / πŸ“± Client names in projects and tasks

We now show the client names in more places making it easier for you to identify which client a task/project belongs to.

πŸ’» Settings in projects

Projects now have a new tab with a settings page, where you can set the board columns (task status), manage the autopilot and the integrations.

πŸ’» Set a custom URL for your workspace (Enterprise Plan)

If you use the enterprise plan you can now set a custom URL in your workspace settings.

πŸ’» Time Reports: Notes are no longer shortened when exporting times via PDF

We now show the complete note of the time entries in the exported PDFs.

Home is where your dashboard is - 19.02.2020

πŸ’» Customize your dashboard

You can now configure your dashboard to your liking. We also added some new widgets that should make you even more productive.

πŸ’» Microsoft Teams Integration

It's finally here ... almost - as soon as Microsoft approves our App in the Teams store you can integrate Teams with awork.

πŸ’» Group (Kanban-) boards by list and user

You can now group your boards by list and user. This will help to get a better overview for your tasks.

πŸ“± Group/sort My Tasks

Until now, all tasks were grouped by project in our mobile app. From now on, you can group them the way you like, e.g., by due date.

πŸ’» Install awork as a web app

Chrome and Edge now recognize awork as a web app. Because of this, you can install them directly from your browser on your PC or Mac.

New Year’s polishing for a shiny, sparkling 2020 - 14.01.2020

πŸ’» Rework for project types

It's now easier to set up new project types. We move the project roles from project types to the permission management. Now all roles will automatically be available for all project types. Furthermore project statuses are now set for every project type and will not be shared anymore. We also reworked the interface for a better usability.

πŸ“± Dark mode for mobile app

The dark mode is now available for our mobile app, too.

πŸ’» Grouping and sorting for tasks in task views

You can now group and sort tasks in task views, as you can do in my tasks.

πŸ’»/πŸ“± Other Updates

  • My Time Tracking: The week view now shows the sum for the week.

  • My Time Tracking: You can now duplicate time tracking entries.

  • Slack-Integration: The name of the linked project is now shown in the projects details.

  • We now save your last tab (details, tasks, times) for every project.

  • Task views: We now show your private tasks, too. Of course you can see only your private tasks.

  • Projects can now be pinned to the menu.

  • Dashboard: We now show the client name when hovering a task.


Christmas Presents - 12.12.2019

πŸ’» Team Planner (Premium-Plan)

The Team Planner is the Timeline that shows all your projects. But there is also a second view that shows you the Timeline order by team members so that you can get the perfect overview of what everyone in your team is doing.

πŸ’» Billing Integration (Premium-Plan)

You can now create invoices directly from awork with our new Billing Integration. The integration works with the following tools:

πŸ’» Guest Access

You can now invite guests into your workspace. A guest can only be assigned to one project but will only take up 1/3 of a normal license. So you can invite 1 full user or 3 guests per license.

πŸ’» Recurring Tasks

You can now repeat tasks. That will help to keep track of your recurring tasks.

πŸ’» Grouping and Ordering in My Tasks

You can now group and order task lists in the My Tasks view.

πŸ’» Darkmode

With the cold and dark time of the year awork changes its colors, too. You now have the option to activate dark mode in awork.

πŸ’» / πŸ“± Use own Icons for Tasks Status

To get a better overview of your tasks you can now set custom task status icons. There is also a new color (purple) for the status type In Review.

πŸ’» / πŸ“± Changes in the Permissions for Project Times

If a user has no permission for project times or user times they will not be able to see aggregated times for projects and tasks. This will be helpful if you invite your clients into your workspace with the new guest access.

πŸ’» Project due date can now be edited inline

That means you don't need to open the edit modal anymore.

Time is Money - 07.11.2019

πŸ’» New Time Reports (Premium-Plan)

We built new time reports. You can now use a multitude of filter and grouping options. Furthermore you can now export your data as pdf to get a better integration with your billing process.

The feature will be available for premium-plans only. But we will activate it for all free-users for the first 14 days, to give you the option to try the new time reports.

πŸ’» New Slack Integration

We updated our slack integration. Before, you could only show information from awork in a single slack channel. While you can still do that, you now have the option to link projects to slack channels and create / edit / comment on tasks directly from slack.

It is possible that the update of the slack integration will not be immediately available on 07.11.19, because of pending approval by Slack.

πŸ’» New Permission Management

We completely redesigned our permission management to make it easier to understand. Furthermore, we added presets for the user roles, so that you don't need to go into all the details anymore.

πŸ’» New Settings in the User Profile

The settings in your user profile are now cleaner than ever. On top of that, you can now deactivate timers globally for your account if you don't want to use time tracking in awork.

πŸ’» Task Lists: Create Tasks at Any Position

Until now, new tasks were created at the end of task lists. Now you have the option to add tasks at any position within a task list.

πŸ’» Start dates for Tasks in Task Bundles

You can now set start dates for tasks in task bundles. If you set a start date and a due date, the task will show up in the timeline upon creation.

πŸ’» New Zaps in our Zapier Integration

You can now create clients via the Zapier integration. This gives you the option to better integrate awork in to your CRM tool.

πŸ’» Limit of 10 free Projects (Free-Plan)

You still can earn free projects in the free-plan by recommending awork to new users. But there is now a final limit of 10 projects in every free workspace.

πŸ’» / πŸ“± Projects can't be deleted anymore (Free-Plan)

From now on, you can't delete projects in the free plan anymore. If you are using a premium-plan you can of course still delete projects whenever you wish.

Give me the data - 30.09.2019

πŸ’»Data Importer

The new importer helps you to migrate your projects and tasks in to your awork workspace from whatever tool you used before. πŸ“₯

πŸ’»Content Bundles

Creating projects is now easier than even. You can select and import pre-defined tasks bundles right into your workspace from our new content bundle library. Of course our library will grow even further over time. πŸ“¦

πŸ’»UI Update Task Bundles

The task bundle settings now look way nicer and are more in touch with the rest of the UI. πŸ”₯

πŸ’»View persistence for project tasks

awork now remembers the last selected view (list, board or timeline) for each project. This will help you to get faster where you want to go. 🧐

πŸ’»Archive Tasks Lists

If you have projects with many different tasks lists you can now archive tasks lists where no tasks are left to be done. This will help you to better keep track of your project tasks. 🧳

πŸ’»Task Lists visibility

We now show the task list in the task details and in the board view. πŸ‘

πŸ’»Projects shown in tasks lists

If tasks are assigned to a project we now show the name of the project in tasks lists, e.g. in task widget on your dashboard or within the task views. 😎

πŸ’»Add tags when creating projects

You can now assign tags to project in the creation process. This makes it even easier to categorize your projects. 🏴

πŸ’»New date selector

The new date selector looks better than ever and got some nice usability improvements. πŸ•–

πŸ“±New Onboarding Experience

If you sign up via our app there is now a new onboarding experience, that gives you the option to personalize your workspace more than before. πŸ’‘

πŸ’»πŸ“±Permission Update

Project permissions include now a "create" permission. You can now allow users to create project without granting managing permissions for all projects. To make this work the project creator will have manage permissions for every project they create - no matter what project or user role applies. πŸ›‘

It's about Time - 27.08.2019

πŸ’»Timeline for project tasks

Now you can plan your project tasks in our new timeline. You can set dependencies between tasks, plan milestones and move tasks via drag & drop. This helps you to get an even better overview of your project's timing. ⏲

πŸ’»πŸ“±Improvements to the activity log

The activity log is now even faster than before. That means more productivity in less time. πŸ’ͺ

πŸ’»πŸ“±Invite users to tasks via emails

If you want to assign a user to a task, that is not yet part of your workspace, you can now do so. Just select "Invite by email" when assigning a user. The user will now be invited into your workspace. πŸ“«

πŸ’»πŸ“±New Premium Trial

You can try awork's premium features 14 days for free now. More information here. ⭐

Amazing Stuff - 05.08.2019

πŸ’» See project progress

The progress of your projects is now shown in the project details. You will see how many tasks are planned and done. We also show the planned effort for all tasks and times tracked against the planned value.

With this change, you can't set a planned effort for a project anymore. The planned effort will now be the sum of the planned effort of all tasks in a project. Because of this, you can easily edit the planned effort in the task details now.

πŸ’» Presentation mode for boards

This mode just shows the most important information (task name, description, picture) on the board. This helps to get a much better overview in the board.

πŸ’» Number of tasks in collapsed lists

Now you can easily see how many tasks are in each list to get a better overview of your big projects and long lists.

πŸ“± See project progress

The number of planned and done tasks is now shown in the project details when you pull down the task list.

πŸ“± Tag other users in tasks/projects

Now you can tag users via the @ function in a task or project.

πŸ“± Show done tasks

You now have the option to show done tasks in the project details.

πŸ“± Assign a task to your project team

If you assign a task to a user there are only members of the project team shown. This makes it easier and faster to choose the right user for a task. However, you can still search for all other users in your team space and assign the task to them.

πŸ’» πŸ“± Easier password creation

awork now shows you how strong your password is (red, yellow, green). For your own security, you need to use a secure (green) password.

Team's Work - 13.05.2019

Create task views

Task Views give you the option to create individual view for you tasks via filters. That way you can e.g. bundle task from your team or customer hat are due this week in one single view. Of course there is the option to choose from many other filters.

Work-Space-Time - 24.04.2019

Create Subtasks

You can now create subtasks in the task details. This should give you an even cleaner overview for your project tasks.

New filters for Time-Tracking Reports

There are new filters for the Time-Tracking Reports. You can now filter if you only want to show "billed" or "billable" times.

Easier switching between projects

When switching between projects we always showed the project details. From now on we will keep the same view (lists, board or details) from the previous project when switching projects in the project overview.

Teams are now workspaces

Because not everyone got what we meant by teams we changed the name to workspace. The functionality will remain the same.

Real Social - 07.03.2019

You will find detailed information here.

awork - 04.02.2019

Q. is now awork - More details here.


Prior to 2019, awork was online under the brand Q. (yep, we eventually recognized the bad choice) - hence the reference in those early releases.

Fluffy Spacetime - 03.09.2018 (Q.)

Calendar Integration

The Q. calendar integration enables you to show your appointments within Q. This way you can directly use them for your time tracking.

Crispy Nebula - 13.08.2018 (Q.)

Project list for users and companies

If you are in the user or company details you can now see a list of all belonging projects. The list have the same functions as you are used to from the project overview.

Overview for all your Q. integrations

We now offer a new overview for your Q. integrations. You can now create integrations with other tools right from your Q. and tests them. Furthermore there is a log for all the integrations activities.

Drag & Drop in time tracking week overview

Tracking your time in Q. hast just got easier You can now track your times in the week overview via drag & drop.

Check which icons are already in use

When creating new entities like task-types Q. now shows you if a certain Icon is already in use.

Plasma Tail - 24.07.2018 (Q.)

Drag & Drop for files

The file upload within tasks is now easier than before. You can now add files to your tasks by just dropping them into you browser. This even works with multiple files at once.

Task Types are now available for private tasks

You can now use Task Types for you private task to organize yourself even better.

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