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The Tasks module gives you an overview of all your project-related and private tasks.

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Under Tasks in the main menu, you will find all tasks assigned to you, as well as cross-project task filters, including tasks from other users.

In the default view, you will see your tasks grouped by project. Additionally, there is a list of your private tasks.

Grouping and sorting tasks

Configure the view according to your needs using the group and sort functions. You'll find the functions on the top right via the icon buttons. awork remembers the set view.

Group by the following:

  • Project (default)

  • Project type

  • Type of work

  • By day

  • By week

  • By month

  • Not grouped

Sort by the following:

  • Type of work

  • Due date

  • Creation date

  • Planned effort

  • Status

Search tasks

Search for tasks using the magnifying glass icon at the top right above the task list. The view then changes to a list with the search results.

If you delete the search entry again, you will return to your previous view.

Show completed tasks

If you activate the display of completed tasks via the checkmark icon in the upper right corner, the completed private tasks that you have marked as completed within the last 30 days will be displayed.

☝️Important: Completed project tasks are not displayed here.

If you have created your own task filter, this feature will not affect your custom filtered list.

Edit tasks and further actions

Open details

By clicking on a task, the details will open and you can edit all the details of the task.

Edit in list

Within the task lists, you can hover with the mouse pointer over the tasks and see different quick actions there, by means of which you're able to work on the task or, e.g., start the timer for the time recording.

Why are project tasks missing in the Tasks view?

In the Tasks view, only the project tasks of projects that are ongoing (yellow status) are displayed.

If there are no more than 3 projects in your entire awork workspace, they will all be displayed, regardless of status.

Use own task filters

Using task filters, you're able to create your own views of project tasks across projects and users. Note, however, that you can, of course, only see the projects and tasks for which you have sufficient rights.

Using the selection field in the center of the lists helps you easily switch between different saved filters.

The default filter My Tasks is preset and shows all tasks you are assigned to. This includes your private tasks, private tasks that have been assigned to you, and project tasks that you are assigned to.

☝️Important: Project tasks are only displayed here if the status of a project is in a running (yellow) status.

☝️Important: In this view you will only see the tasks that have not been completed within the last 30 days. If you want to see these tasks, you have to click on the icon with the 2 checkmarks in the upper right corner, see section above "Show completed tasks".

Create new task filter

To create your own filter, click in the filter selection box and select New task filter in the dropdown.

Now you assign a name for your filter and can make the appropriate settings for user, project, tasks and due date. On the right side you will see a short preview of the results.

Shared task filter for all users

Do you want to share your filter? Then check the box Share view? when you create a new filter. This way, other users can also use your filter but not edit it.

Use a shared filter by clicking Select shared filter at the bottom left of the window for creating a new filter. A selection of all shared filters will open.

Via the eye icon, you'll view the filter settings. By clicking on the filter, it will automatically be added to your filter list.

☝️Important: You can't edit the shared filters of other users. However, you're able to remove them from your list.

Edit or delete task filters

To edit or delete a task filter, hover with your mouse pointer over the corresponding filter in the filter dropdown. A pencil icon and a trash icon will then appear, allowing you to edit or delete the filter.

☝️Important: The My Tasks filter cannot be edited or deleted. The My Tasks filter cannot be edited or deleted.

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