Export tasks

Export tasks from a project or task filter to an Excel spreadsheet for further processing.

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Export all tasks of a project or a task filter in Excel format (.xlsx) so you can process them further.

If the export was successfully created, you will receive a notification in awork with a link to download the document.

Task overview

You will find the export button in the task overview at the top right corner.

Project tasks

Within a project, tasks can be exported in the list view, board view and timeline view.

You can download the tasks via the action button at the top right corner of each view.

You'll find the export button in the project tasks or in the menu item Tasks in the upper right corner.

Export Timeline as image

Using the document icon at the top right, you can export the entire timeline as a png or svg (vector) image, download it and, for example, send it to a client or include it in a presentation.

The export includes all displayed tasks, as well as the entire time range of these tasks plus a week at the start and end. The entire set view is transferred, such as the zoom level, language, dark mode, etc.

You can find more information about creating exporting here.

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