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The timeline shows your tasks over time and you're able to create entire project plans with dependencies and milestones here.

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In the Timeline, you can see and schedule all tasks of a project over time.

All tasks that are not yet scheduled can be found on the left, under Tasks, and can be dragged and dropped into the timeline from here.

The timeline in awork is not a strict Gantt chart. The tasks can be arranged in the timeline below each other, as well as next to each other.

To move through the timeline, you can simply scroll left, right, up, or down. There is no limit to how far you can scroll into the future or past.

Today's day in the Timeline

Today's day is marked by the yellow dashed line. You can jump to today's time in the timeline at any time by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right corner.

Zoom in and out

In the top right corner of the timeline, you will find two buttons for zooming in and out. They enlarge or reduce the visible time range.

Create new tasks

There are several ways to create new tasks in the timeline.

Via drag & drop

Simply click on a free area in the timeline and drag and drop a task into the time area. A window opens with the selected start and end times. Now give the task a name, specify any additional information and save it.

Out of unscheduled tasks

Tasks that already exist, but don't have a start and end date, can be seen on the left side in the Tasks section. Here, you can also create new tasks directly. The tasks can be easily dragged from this sidebar into the timeline.

☝ Hint: In the Tasks section, you can decide whether you want to display the done and already scheduled tasks or not. You also have the option to search for tasks here.

Out of a task template

You can load an existing task template into the project using the first icon at the top right.

Manage task lists

The list icon at the top right allows you to manage your task lists in the project timeline.

Open the project in the planner

At the top right, you will also find another icon that you can use to open the project in the planner.

Create milestones

The timeline allows you to create one or more milestones for your project. To do this, you can simply click on the desired date in the timeline. A pop-up will appear where you can specify the name, date, and color of the milestone. Then the date is highlighted in the appropriate color, and a line is drawn across the timeline.

The milestones of the project are only visible in the project timeline and the timeline of the project overview, but not in the list or board view.

☝Hint: Use the colors to become aware of various events more quickly.

For example:

Internal due dates: pink

Feedback meetings: green

Customer presentations: yellow

Move tasks / adjust duration

You can move tasks by simply dragging and dropping them. You can also drag and drop a task at the beginning or end to extend or shorten it. Alternatively, you can open the task details and adjust the start and end dates there.

☝️Important: If you specify your own start and end times, these will only be retained if the task is moved as a whole. If you change only the beginning or the end (start/end time) of the task, awork sets the beginning to 8 a.m. and the end to 6 p.m.

Open the task details

When you click on a task, the task details will open.

Link tasks and show dependencies

You can link tasks by grabbing the arrow at the end of the task and dragging it to the task you want to link. The dependency can be deleted by holding the mouse pointer over the arrow and clicking on the appearing x.

Directly preceding tasks are also displayed in the task details, with a color marking for their status.

Move linked tasks

Linked tasks can be moved contiguously. This must be activated in the timeline top right with the button Toggle moving dependent tasks. If the mode is activated, all tasks linked as subsequent tasks will be moved by the same duration if a task is moved or the due date is changed via drag & drop.

The automatic moving of linked tasks is only done in the timeline if the mode is activated. Changing tasks outside the timeline, e.g. in the task detail view, doesn't cause automatic moving of other tasks. Whether the mode is activated depends on the user and is not saved for the whole project.

The minimap for orientation

The minimap on the bottom helps you keep track of your project and quickly switch to a different point in time for long projects. If you click on a point in time here, the large view of the timeline automatically switches to this time range.

Export the Timeline

Using the document icon at the top right, you can export the entire timeline as a png or svg (vector) image, download it and, for example, send it to a client or include it in a presentation.

The export includes all displayed tasks, as well as the entire time range of these tasks plus a week at the start and end. The entire set view is transferred, such as the zoom level, language, dark mode, etc.

You can find more information about creating exports here.

Action Menu

At the top right you will find our action menu (three dots icon). You can use this menu to export the tasks or create a task template.

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