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Projects have their own file storage where files from comments and project tasks are displayed.

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Is there file storage for my projects?

You'll find the file storage of your project in the details of a project in the Files tab.

โ˜๏ธHint: The file preview is displayed as a pdf regardless of the actual file format. After you have downloaded the file, you can open it in the actual format (e.g. Excel).

List or gallery view

Display the files of a project in a list or gallery view. If you have few files or a lot of graphics, the gallery view is excellent. If your project has a lot of files, the list view is highly recommended.

Add files

Add files using the blue plus button in the upper lefthand corner, or simply drag & drop one or more files from your computer into the file bin.

Add files from Google Drive or OneDrive

Besides the option to upload new files from my computer, you also have the possibility to link files from your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to the project.

  1. Select the appropriate drive, and a window will open

  2. Log in with your user data for Google or Microsoft to be able to view your files.

  3. You can now browse and select a file to link to the awork project.

  4. After linking, the file will appear in the file bin of your awork project.

awork has no access to your cloud drive. The moment you select the file, awork only creates a shortcut to the file and remembers the current name.

If another user opens the file, he or she is redirected to the cloud drive to open or download the file. The permissions of the cloud drive apply here. Not every awork user has access to the file storage; therefore, they must also have direct access to the linked files.

Display files from comments automatically

Files that are attached as comments in the project automatically appear in the project files. The same applies to files that are attached in tasks, i.e.

However, the appropriate read permissions always apply here. For example, if you do not have permission to see certain tasks of the project, you will not see the files of the tasks in the project files.

Display data from tasks automatically

Files from tasks also appear here automatically. Via the task name under the file name you'll see to which task the respective file belongs and jump directly to it via the link.

For the files from tasks, you need reading permissions for the tasks. To delete them, you need writing permissions.

Grouping, sorting & searching

You can group and sort the files as you like. awork will automatically remember your settings for the project. The grouping by task or user can come in really handy.

You can also group by files, using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.

Is there awork-wide file storage?

No, this doesn't exist. The file storages in awork only exist for every project. For the global storage of your team's documents, we recommend the use of appropriate cloud drives. There you usually also have many more detailed options for rights management and sharing.

What are the size and memory limitations?

A single file can have a size of up to 100 MB. Larger files would have to be linked to awork via Google Drive or OneDrive.

There is no basic limit for the total amount of data in awork. However, we reserve the right to limit the storage in our terms and conditions or to charge separately for very high demand.

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