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New to awork? Welcome aboard! ๐Ÿ™Œ In this article, you'll learn step by step how to create a new project with tasks.

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What is a project in awork?

In awork, work is divided into projects, and users are assigned to those projects of which they are a part of.

Each project has a status that indicates whether the project is currently running, not yet started, or already completed.

Within a project, tasks can be created and edited, and times can be recorded.

In the project overview, you can see all running, planned, and finished projects as well as the responsible users, the progress, and much more.

Create a new project

Go to the purple action button in the top right corner of the app header and select New Project. A popup will open where you can give your project a name and description, and specify other information. All of this information can be added or changed later.

To add information to your project, click the Add Details button or use the slash commands. You can find a list of available slash commands at the bottom of the screen.

In the next step click Next and hit Enter. You will now be taken to the project template selection. After that your project will be created and you will be automatically redirected to the project.

You will now also find your project in the project overview and, depending on the filter, on your dashboard.

The project status is relevant in awork

Every project always has a status. This status is one of four basic categories: Not started (blue), Progress (yellow), Done (green), or Cancelled (red).

Although the exact status designation and sequence in which a project status is to progress through can be adjusted in the project settings, the four basic categories are fixed.

Important โ˜๏ธawork only runs projects, i.e., projects in the yellow status are often taken into account. Thus, only tasks from running projects are displayed under My tasks. Likewise, only running projects are suggested for time tracking.

If you wish to get started with your new project, change the status to running.

With or without clients?

You can assign a client to your project or create a new client when creating a project. This helps you to group your projects by clients to better distinguish similar projects.

A well-maintained project overview with client logos looks simply unbeatable.

Invite your team

Are you still alone on your project? Then invite your team directly, so you can work together on projects.

If you have already invited other users to awork, then simply add them to your project via the project details or already during project creation.

If you are still alone in awork, then go to Users in the main menu and invite your team to awork first, then assign them to the project.

Create and distribute tasks

The heart of every project are the tasks.

In the tab Tasks of a project, you have three different views to organize your work:

  • The list view: great for initial structure and for creating new tasks.

  • The board view: For agile work. Each column is a status.

  • The timeline view: Time-oriented and dependent planning with milestones.

By clicking on a task, you get to the task details, where you can create due dates, agents, subtasks, briefings, files, comments, and much more.

Learn more about tasks in projects.

What else can a project do?

Upload and share files

Within a project, there is the tab Files. Here you can upload files or link them from your OneDrive or Google Drive. You'll also see all the files from the project's tasks. For example, you can group them by file type or task.

Learn more about the topic files in projects.

Make project progress visible

You can make the project progress visible in different ways:

  1. You define a time budget for your project and record time on the project or the tasks of your project.

  2. You measure progress based on completed vs. all tasks.

Learn more about budgets & progress.

Create tasks from emails

In the Settings tab of your project, you'll find a project-specific email address at the end. If you send an email to this address, an awork task will automatically be created in exactly this project.

Learn more about the topic emails from tasks.

Automate project workflows

In the Settings tab of your project, you'll be able to create automations for your project to trigger automatic actions.

Example: When a new task is created then assign "project responsible" to task.

Learn more about automations.

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