Creating a new project

Learn how to create a new project in awork and what the individual steps and fields mean.

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Where can I create a new project?

Create a new project with the following in awork:

  1. Via the green add button in the top right corner of the app header

  2. In the project overview (Main menu > Projects) via the add button

4 steps to create a new project

Step 1: Fill out the project details

In this step, you will equip your project with the basic information:

  • Name: Give your project a luscious, unique name, so you will easily find it again and recognize it in the overviews.

  • Client: Assign a client to your project for better overview and grouping. The project would automatically use the clients' logo as the project image, unless you upload your own.

  • Project image: The project image gives your project a stronger recognition value. If you assign a client to the project that already has an image, it will be used.

  • Description: Here you can give your project a briefing.

  • Time budget & Deadline: Your project can have a time budget in case you want to manage progress via time tracking. A project deadline is always recommended.

  • Project members: The assignment of users to the project has two purposes. On the one hand, the users will see this project under their projects, and it will appear in the suggestions, e.g. for time recording. The second purpose is the rights a user should have on the project. Each user can be assigned to the project with a specific rights role.

  • Team affiliation: If you want your new project to be visible to certain teams, you have to select the teams here, if teams are configured in your awork workspace.

  • Project type: The project type is a categorization for your projects, e.g. if you want to evaluate your times according to it. The field is optional and only visible if project types are configured in your workspace.

You're able to edit all these fields even after the project is created.

Step 2: Choose a template

Selecting a template is optional and will only be suggested if you already have a template in your awork workspace.

If you want an empty project with default settings, skip this step.

If you select a template, the settings and tasks from the template will be copied to your newly created project. This can save you a lot of time if you often work on similar projects.

Within your project, you can now adjust all settings and tasks from the template as you like, without any feedback to the template.

Learn more about project templates here.

Step 3: Activate the autopilot

In the last step, you can activate the awork autopilot for your project. This supports you and your project members to lead the project to success on time and within budget.

Autopilot sends you helpful emails when you reach certain budget thresholds and upcoming deadlines.

Learn more about autopilots here.

Step 4: Click on Create Project, and watch your project come alive! 🙌

Why do I need to select a team when creating a project?

If teams are activated in your awork workspace, and you belong to one of the teams, it is necessary that you select at least one team when creating the project. Otherwise, the project would not be visible to you and your team.

This again depends on the rights' configuration.

Why can't I create a project?

If the button to create a new project is missing or hidden, you do not have sufficient rights. Please contact your internal awork administrator or team leader.

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