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Create and maintain your project clients in awork to better categorize, find and evaluate your projects.

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Why use clients in awork?

Clients in awork help you to get a better overview of who your projects are for. Projects can be assigned, found, and distinguished much quicker if the client is displayed.

In addition, you can carry out and settle cross-project evaluations, e.g., at the client level.

The client's overview

An overview of all clients stored in awork can be found in the main menu under Clients. The overview is similar to the project or user overview with the same search and filtering. You can download the client data via the action button at the top right corner of the client list.

With a click on the name of the client, you'll switch to the details of a client. Here you have an overview of the stored contact information, as well as all active projects of the client.

Under the Projects tab, you'll find an overview of all projects, included non-current ones, that have been created with this client in awork. You can download the project overview via the action button at the top right corner of each view (List and Timeline view).

Create a new client

There are several ways to create a new client in awork:

  1. Click on the purple action button in the top right corner of the app header and select New Client

  2. Go to Clients and click the blue add button in the upper left corner

  3. Hit the shortcut "c" to create a new client

  4. Click + Add new client when creating a new project

After creating a new client, you won't be automatically redirected to the client. But you'll see a confirmation popup and when clicking it, you'll be redirected to the details.

What customer information can I define?

For each client, you can store the following data:

  • Name: The name of the client, which is displayed everywhere in the projects. Whether you also display the company name (GmbH, AG, LLC, etc.) is a matter of preference.

  • Logo/Image: The client's logo is very helpful because it allows you to visually register clients and projects quickly.

  • Industry: The industry is only displayed in the client's profile and can be freely described.

  • Tags: Tag your clients to be able to label them and filter for them more easily. As an example for particularly important or large clients.

  • Contact data: The contact information is used as a source of information for your team on how to get in touch with the client. The fields are very flexible, so you can define as much contact information as you want.

Can I also define contact persons for customers?

No, you can't define entire contact persons in awork. This is due to the fact that awork is not focused on being a CRM, but is primarily designed for project management and time tracking.

However: If you simply want to define a name of a contact person in the client, you can do the following:

  1. Open the details of your client.

  2. Click on the action button in the upper right corner and select Edit. The window for editing the client will open.

  3. Switch to the Contact tab and add a new field in the last block Others.

  4. For example, name the label 'Contact person' and enter the name of the contact person in the Value field.

  5. Click Save.

  6. In the client details, you will now see the contact person field with the name of your contact under the contact data. πŸ™Œ

Is there an easy way to see all of a client's projects?

Yes, in the client details, an overview of all projects of the client is available. You can also filter for all projects of the client in the project overview via the filter icon.

You can also always use the search bar to quickly view the projects of a client.

Can I change the client of a project?

The client of the project can be changed directly in the project details. To do this, simply click on the name of the current client and select another one or none instead.

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