Creating tasks from emails

Special email addresses of projects or users allow you to create tasks in awork from an email.

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By forwarding emails, tasks can be created in awork. Each project and each user has a special, unique email address for this purpose.

This makes it possible to make processes leaner, such as:

  • Invoice approval by forwarding invoices to a central project

  • Processing customer requests for e.g. regular social media posts

  • Processing applicants in a structured manner

  • Collecting and processing feedback & bugs for software products

  • and much more

Create tasks in projects

  • When creating a task from an email, the task type cannot be chosen but is set by default.

  • The task type is set by default to the last task type used by the respective user in that specific project the user is sending the email to.

  • If a last used task type cannot be detected, the one on top of the list of task types will be automatically chosen.

  • The task type can however be edited once the task has been created.

You'll find the email address of a project under the project settings.

☝️Important: Only HTML emails can be correctly converted into tasks. Consider to switch if your email program sends RTF emails instead of HTML emails. You can find further information on the Microsoft support website.

Create private tasks

You'll find the email address for creating private tasks in your account settings.

☝️Important: Since tasks are created anonymously via email; there is no authorization check. Even a user without write access to the project tasks can create a task in the project.

Accepted information of the email task






Task name

Email content/body



(up to 30 MB per email)

CC Recipients

Contributors for the task

If there are several recipients, the first one next to the awork email address is selected. If awork finds this user, he or she is defined as the task's editor. In the future, CC recipients will receive notifications for this task if a match has been made via the email address in awork.

Add tags via subject

Tags in the format #tag, which are in the subject, are taken over as task tags in awork.

Use vCard for your address book

Next to the email field, you're able to download and save a vCard, i.e. an address book contact. Save this contact in your email client, then forward the emails to the respective address more quickly without looking up the address again.

Create tasks from emails in a specific list

Project tasks can be created automatically in certain task lists. To do this, select the respective default task list in the project settings.

Automate email tasks

In the project settings, you'll be able to create automations for tasks created from emails.

This way, further actions can be performed directly with the tasks from emails, such as setting agents, adding tags, changing the status, or adding a due date.

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