Times tracking reminders

In order to keep track of your time without gaps, so that every manager is happy, awork offers you some practical assistance

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Use the daily and weekly overview

In the menu item Times you will find a visual overview of your tracked times. In the day view you can look at individual days and immediately recognize gaps in the days.

In the week view, you get an overview of the entire week and can easily check if you have not yet recorded something on certain days.

Use the time reports as a dashboard widget

If you have access to the time reports, you can build your own dashboard widget, in which you can see your recorded times of the last month.

Step 1

First create a time evaluation for your user. Here you can learn how to do that.

Step 2

Add a new widget to your dashboard and select the time evaluation you just saved. Here you can learn how to edit your dashboard.

Activate the weekly and monthly reports (emails)

Use the email reports of awork to get an overview of your tracked times at the end of the week or the end of the month. In the email you can see at a glance on which days you have recorded time (and how much) and if there are any gaps that need to be filled.

You can activate the reports in your account. Learn more about it here.

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