Configure your own Dashboard

The dashboard is the heart of your work in and with awork. Configure it according to your needs from a variety of widgets.

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Your dashboard provides you with an overview of all the important things that happen around your work in awork. It's up to you to decide the exact look of your dashboard and to customize it the way you need it.

Above the floating button at the bottom center of the screen, you'll find the button to configure the dashboard. To enter the edit mode, click it. You'll now be able to:

  • Remove or add widgets

  • Move widgets within the columns

  • Rename widgets

  • Customize widget settings, e.g. to edit filters

Lists and note widgets can be added to your dashboard multiple times. Others, such as birthday reminders or today's time tracking, can only be added once.

While you are in edit mode, you'll be able to add new widgets using the Add button, cancel the editing and reset changes using the Close button. To save your new configuration, click on the Save button.

By using the two arrow icons at the border of some widgets, you can display more and fewer entries in the list.

awork remembers these settings so that the size of the widgets remains when reloading. The only exception is the activities widget.

All widgets briefly explained

My tracked times today

The widget shows you all the times you have recorded today. The round progress bar is filled with a maximum value of your weekly working time divided by five (40h / 5 = 8h).

The + button next to the progress bar allows you to enter a time, and the list-icon takes you to the Times section.

☝️Hint: If you have already recorded times for the current day, you will be able to start the timer a second time with the same time recording details by clicking on the action button on the right. This way, you can continue your time quickly and easily in a new entry after the break.

Text note

Here you can freely leave notes. This is very handy, e.g., when you need to take notes during phone calls. Use the plus icon at the end of the note to quickly create additional notes. More information regarding text-formatting options can be found here.

List of projects

By default, all projects for which you are a member of the project team and which are currently running (yellow status) are displayed here. If your workspace has less than three projects, projects that are not running will also be displayed here.

You can also select an already saved project filter or create a new one. Go to the edit mode of the dashboard (see above) and configure the widget accordingly.

By clicking on the title of the widget, it is possible to navigate to the project overview.

List of tasks

By default, all your open tasks from running projects are displayed here.

In addition to the default view, you have the option to select an existing task filter or create a new one. To do so, go to the edit mode of the dashboard (see above) and configure the widget accordingly.

The task widget is always sorted by deadline.

By clicking on the title of the widget, you will get to the task overview.

☝️Hint: If you hover over a task with the mouse, the project name is displayed.

Time report chart

This widget allows you to display the charts from the time evaluations on the dashboard. When adding the widget, you simply select the corresponding evaluation.

You will be able to switch between the matrix and pie charts using the chart button in the upper right corner.

Activity stream

This widget shows you the activities from all running projects in which you are part of or whose notifications you have activated.

The activities are grouped by day and project. The display is limited to activities that occurred in the past seven days.

User absences

Within this widget, you'll find the absences of the other users that have been entered in the workload overview.

By clicking on the title of the widget, you will be forwarded right to the workload overview.

Upcoming birthdays

Here, the upcoming birthdays of the users visible to you are displayed.


This widget allows you to select a project, which will show you the proportional number of tasks in their respective status (color) in the shape of a battery.

The numbers below the battery represent the ratio of completed tasks (green) to all tasks of the project.

Why can't I configure my dashboard?

Unfortunately, as a guest user, you can't configure your dashboard separately. You'll only see the predefined default configuration of the dashboard.

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