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My Time Tracking

In the 'Times' tab, you can easily overview your own time entries: per day, per week, or in an overall overview.

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The menu item Times provides you with an overview of all the times you have recorded. There are three different views here:

☝️ Hint: You can also view the recorded time directly on the task. For this purpose, go to the detailed view of your task and click on the green "Accrued" button next to the task KPIs (Due date, Planned, Accrued, Progress). A small window will now open, showing you all the times recorded for the task so far. You can find more information here.

My day - day view

The My day view shows all the times recorded today (or any other selected day). For this purpose, a round progress bar fills up in the upper left corner. The maximum value of the display is your weekly capacity / 5.

Directly below is a list of all recorded times of the day.

Record times by click & drag

In the middle and right area, you see a timeline with the times of the day. You'll be able to create new time entries here by click & drag, and you will be able to move the times around and adjust the start and end times.

The dashed lines show two things:

  1. When you opened awork for the first time that day.

  2. the current time

Right next to the times you've entered, you'll find suggestions from awork for which elements you will be able to enter times.

Suggestions by activity in awork

To the right of the recorded times, you will find suggestions (activity) from awork for which elements you may still be able to record times. These are based on closed tasks, times you regularly track, etc.

If you click on them, the window for creating a new time is automatically filled with the information, and you can save it.

If you don't want to receive these suggestions, you can hide them in your account settings (via the user menu at the top right of the screen).

Create times from appointments

You'll be able to integrate your Google, Apple, or Microsoft calendar via the calendar icon on the right. Then you'll see your appointments in the timeline, and you'll be able to add a new time by clicking on the appointment.

Here you can learn how to integrate your calendar.

My week - week view

In the My week view you can see all times of the week. The week view works without clock times. It shows all time entries of the days, and the height represents the duration of each entry.

☝️ Hint: The time blocks displayed in the "My week"-view depend on the availability of the weekly capacity entered in hours in your Account-Settings. For example, if only 4 hours of availability are entered on Monday, the time block will only be displayed for 4 hours.

Add times

Add new times by clicking on the dashed boxes. awork automatically fills up the duration value to 8h. This way, you'll be able to easily enter your whole week and day times.

Move times

You'll be able to drag and drop the times in the week view between the days or change their duration by dragging them bigger or smaller at the bottom.

My times - list view

In the My times view you'll be able to see all your recorded times. In addition, you'll be able to export your times, search for a time and group the entries as you wish using the icons in the top right corner.

☝️Hint: Times from timers that are still running are not displayed here.

☝️Hint: The absences will only be displayed here, when a specific time period has been selected.

Edit times separately or several at the same time

There are several ways to edit times in this evaluation view.

Edit single times

You are able to open the edit window by clicking on the action button of a time and can then edit the entry.

Edit several times at the same time

You can also edit several times at the same time, e.g. to mark them as billed.

To do this, select individual times using the checkboxes to the left of the list of times. They will appear when you move the mouse pointer over the task lines. An action menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Here you will be able to perform various actions or cancel the selection. Further information about the various actions can be found here.

Alternatively, you can also click on the checkbox to the left of the time entry heading. You can then click to select all time entries or the time entries in the grouping.

☝️Hint: For example, you can change the project, task or user for several time entries at the same time, taking the permission management into account.

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