In the "Calendar", users can plan their own assigned tasks alongside their own appointments in the calendar.

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You can find your own planner in the main menu under Calendar. It allows you to schedule the tasks in your calendar and plan the work for your upcoming days, in addition to your appointments.

The scheduled tasks are automatically fed back into the workload calculation and provide a transparent workload overview.

Schedule tasks in the calendar

On the left side of the screen you will find the sidebar with the tasks. If it is collapsed, you can simply unfold it by clicking on it.

You can drag and drop the tasks into the calendar to schedule them. In the calendar you can then move, shrink, enlarge, duplicate or remove the tasks from the calendar.

Scheduled tasks that have no planned effort automatically disappear from the list (see next section). Tasks that have a planned effort can be dragged to the calendar several times until the sum of hours of the planned effort is reached.

โ˜๏ธ Important: If a task is completely scheduled according to the planned effort and the planned tasks are hidden, this task disappears from the list. However, it is possible to overbook a task, for example, to schedule it for 3 hours, although the planned effort is only 2 hours.

You can see from the small number in the planned effort how many times this task has already been scheduled in the calendar.

Hide scheduled tasks in list

You can show or hide already scheduled tasks by using the filter with the calendar icon and the checkbox.

This is useful if you want to see only the tasks that you have not yet scheduled in the calendar.

If you show them, you will see tasks already scheduled in the calendar by the purple checkbox in the task list. You can always reschedule tasks that are already scheduled in the calendar.

Show done tasks

Done tasks are initially hidden as they usually no longer need to be scheduled. You can display them in the list at any time using the icon with the two checkmarks.

Browse the task lists

If you have selected a filter in the sidebars, you can search through the tasks using the icon above the list.

Grouping and sorting of tasks

When you open a project, the tasks are automatically grouped and sorted by the lists within the project, as you know them from the project.

Integrate your calendar

You can integrate your Google, Microsoft or Apple calendar with awork so that your appointments are displayed under Calendar. You can decide if the integrated calendar is only visible for you or if it should also be used for the workload calculation.

You can find all details about this in the article about calendar integration.

Frequently asked

Can I also edit my appointments from awork?

No, the appointments displayed in awork cannot currently be edited from awork.

Can I also see my tasks scheduled in my calendar?

Yes, you can activate a sync of the scheduled tasks into your integrated Google or Microsoft calendar. Just go to your calendar settings and activate the sync.

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