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Access and select closed projects
Access and select closed projects

Projects that are in the completed (green) or cancelled (red) status are automatically hidden in awork to avoid cluttering your workspace.

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Over time, all kinds of projects accumulate in awork. To archive completed projects and thus exclude them from the overviews and the search, you can work with the project statuses. This helps to keep order and overview and not to be disturbed by old projects, for example every time you select a project during time tracking.

You can define the project status for each project in the project settings or already in the templates.

โ˜๏ธHint: Completed projects can still be searched and selected in the selection box. You can read more about this in this article.

Which project statuses are considered closed?

There are two statuses that are considered closed in awork. These are the statuses cancelled (red) and completed (green). As soon as you set a project to one of these statuses, they belong to the hidden projects.

Closed projects in the project overview

In the project overview you will find a view filter above the list in the middle.

  • All: all projects you can see including closed projects

  • My active: all the projects on which you are a project member and which are not closed

  • All active: all projects you can see that are not closed

  • All closed: are all the closed projects you can see

If you use your own filter in the overview, this view filter is always applied to your filter.

Closed projects in the selection popups

To see closed projects in the selection popups and windows, you have to search for them and toggle the switch below the search field to include closed projects in the search.

โ˜๏ธHint: The switch will be displayed only after you have entered something in the search field.

Closed projects and their tasks in the search

Closed projects and also the tasks from closed projects are not shown in the search (shortcut "f") by default. So they do not block the view of your current projects and tasks.

You can still search for them by activating the switch to include done projects to the right of the search input field. Only then the tasks from these projects will be displayed in the search.

Closed projects in the slash command selection

In the slash commands you cannot reach closed projects. However, you can select closed projects by:

  • clicking on Add details

  • opening the project selection popup

  • searching for them as described above

  • and activating the switch that you also want to search these projects.

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