Project settings

For each project, you can customize the statuses, create automations, preset the billability of tracked times and much more.

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Where do I change the settings for my project?

The project settings can be found under the Settings tab in the project details.

Assigned users

Here you can see all project members with their project-based permission roles. You have the option to change the project responsible, remove project members from the project and add new ones.


Mark a project as private

Here you can specify whether the project should be private. This means that only creators and project members can see this project. In addition, no times can be tracked on private projects.

Learn more about private projects in this article.

Preset tracked times to billable

For projects that are created with a client, this setting is automatically active. However, it isn't for projects without a client.

If this setting is active, times that are tracked on this project or tasks of the project are automatically marked as billable. The status can, of course, still be changed for each tracked time but is preset accordingly by this setting.

Project status

The project statuses indicate which phase your project is in. The color coding is fixed with the four system statuses.

They are important because in many overviews, awork only shows the running projects, and users can only see running projects as well.

However, you can define within a project which statuses your project can go through and what they should be called. This way, you can better capture the status of your projects in the overview and make it more transparent.

Learn more about how to access closed projects in this article.

You can also adjust the order via drag & drop.

Task status (board columns)

The existing task statuses can be adjusted, or new statuses can be added to the project. These are only for the respective project.

You can change the order of the task statuses using drag & drop.

โ˜๏ธHint: If you always need the same task statuses for different projects, you can simply create a project template in which the statuses are predefined. If you then create a new project with the template, you will immediately have all the desired statuses in your project.

awork autopilot

Turn the autopilot on or off for the respective project, as well as adjust the autopilot settings.


If you want to link the project to a Slack or Teams channel, you can do that here. If the integration is successful, you will see it here and are able to remove or edit it, for example, to filter the notifications you see.

Here you can read more about the integrations.


Automations are great for automating your project and building handy workflows. At this point in the project, you can create, delete or change them.

Each automation is only valid for the current project, but you can also create them in the project template, so you don't have to rebuild them for each project.

Here you can learn how the automations work.

Create tasks from emails

Here you will find the e-mail address for the project if tasks are to be created via e-mail. You can also specify here in which list these tasks should end up.

Here you can read more about creating tasks from emails.

Why can't I see the Settings tab in my project?

You probably don't have sufficient rights on the project to view or change settings. It is best to contact the project manager or the creator of the project.

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