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Track times directly on projects or on the tasks of the project and evaluate them in the times tab

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Where do I see all the times for the project?

There are two ways to view all times of a project:

  1. Go to the project and open the Times tab

  2. Go to the Time reports and filter by your project

View all project times

The Times tab of your project lists all the times that have been tracked on the project (or the project's tasks) so far.

Running times, which have been started with the timer but not yet stopped, are not yet displayed here.

Project totals at a glance

Above the list of all tracked times you will find an overview of all times of the project, divided by:

  • Total tracked time: subdivided into billable and non-billable

  • Budget: project budget and tracked time; you can adjust the project budget directly in this view using the blue Edit button.

  • Ready to invoice: time to be invoiced and time already billed; you can use the blue + Invoice button to jump directly to the time reports and create an invoice. The current month is automatically selected in the time report; this can then be adjusted.

  • Tracked vs. planned: tracked time vs. total planned effort of all tasks

Track time

The blue + Time button opens the time tracking window. You can enter a time directly, the corresponding project is already preselected.

Search function

You can use the search function on the right to search for main tasks and subtasks within the project.

Show unplanned tasks

You can use the button with the hourglass to display the unplanned tasks, i.e. the tasks that do not have a planned effort. If a main task has a planned effort but the subtask does not, only the main task will be displayed here. If the subtask has a planned effort but the main task does not, the main task and the subtask will be displayed.

Tracked vs. planned

Here you will find a comparison of the tracked and planned times. The times are first summarized by list. The main and subtasks are then displayed below.


Here you can see the tracked time. The tracked times are totaled next to the list name. If you click on the tracked time, the summary of the tracked times for this task appears.


This column shows the planned effort for the main and subtasks. The planned effort is totaled next to the list name.

โ˜๏ธHint: If a task is in several lists, the planned effort as well as the tracked time for this task is included in the list total in each case.


This column shows you the progress of the task and the list total, i.e. how much time has already been tracked in relation to the planned effort.

Total Billable

In the Times tab, you can see all the times tracked for the project over the entire period.

Tracked Times

In the Times tab, you can see all the times tracked for the project over the entire period.

Here you can group the time entries using the grouping button. You can select a time period using the calendar button.

Can I edit the times in a project all at once?

Yes, you can do this within the Times tab in your project and in the time reports. You then have the option of selecting several or all times (using the checkboxes on the left-hand side) and editing them all at once.

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