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Private Projects

You can create with private tasks, which can only be seen by the creator and its members.

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Using our new private projects, you can organize yourself privately in awork. These private projects can only be seen by the creator and its members.

If you create a project, you can now set it to Private. πŸ‘‡

Your own private projects are displayed in the project overview with the lock icon, so you can see immediately which project is private or public. πŸ‘‡

Furthermore, when filtering for projects, you can now create also a project visibility filter to see only your private projects.

Private projects look very similar to normal projects. What are the special features?

  • A private project does not need to have a team, because you can selectively choose your team members, so this feature is disabled.

  • No time can be tracked on private projects. This is because the times are there to be evaluated and billed in aggregated form within the team. Since you do not want different results within the team in the time evaluations, all time tracking options are disabled for private projects.

    πŸ‘† Hint: You can change an existing project to Private, but to do this you must either delete times that have already been tracked (this is queried in the process) or transfer all times to another project using Multiselect. If you have not yet entered any times in the project, you can simply change it to Private by using the "Private Project"- toggle in the project settings.

Who can see your private project?

Your private project cannot be found or seen by anyone in the team, unless you assign this person to your project.

You can also assign individual tasks to other team members. They will then see these tasks in their "My Tasks"-list, but not the rest of the project.

This way, others can work on individual tasks without seeing your private project.

Have private projects a workload?

Yes, private projects will show up in your workload calculation of the team planner. However, others are not able to see your project, or the time you have scheduled for your private project.


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