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In awork, you'll receive notifications if you're being mentioned in a comment. Find out how to view and manage them in this article.

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Notifications will help you to stay on track with important due dates, new comments, etc. to stay up-to-date and ensure a smooth team collaboration.

You will find your new notifications in the notification popup that opens via the bell icon in the header. Notifications by comments are displayed next to it below the speech bubble icon.

If you mark notifications as read by clicking on the checkmark, they will automatically disappear from your overview. You'll be able to mark all notifications of a group as read via the group header or mark all your current notifications as read via the blue button with the checkmarks.

Grouped notifications

Notifications on status changes of projects and tasks are shown grouped as one expandable line.

Here the status changes of tasks are summed up (the colored icons) that you have received since the last time you marked the notifications for the project as read.

The summarized row always shows the last status change of the project. You'll be able to see all the details when expanding the line.

Notifications for comments

You can view the notifications of comments using the speech bubble icon. Here you can see

  • if there are new comments on tasks and projects you are watching,

  • if you have been mentioned in comments,

  • new emoji reactions to comments.

New notifications are automatically grouped by their projects. The project with the newest unread notification is displayed first.

The read status for notifications of comments

To the left of new notifications there is a small blue dot. This indicates whether you have already clicked on the notification. As soon as you click on it, the blue dot disappears. This helps you work through your notifications without hiding them immediately.

However, if you click on the checkmark and mark it as read, it will disappear into your read notifications list.

If you have enabled the setting to automatically mark notifications as read when clicked, the clicked items will not disappear until you reload the window.

Can I see my old notifications somewhere?

Yes, you can view already read and hidden notifications for comments by clicking on Show read notifications in the bottom left corner of the popup. You will chronologically see the last received and already read comments. Grouping by project does not happen here.

For the notifications in the other popup about status changes, etc., the option to view read notifications does not exist.

Frequently asked questions

Can I prevent my notifications from disappearing by clicking on them?

Yes, you can. Go to your account and scroll to the Notifications section. There you will find a setting to change the behavior.

If the setting is enabled, notifications are automatically marked as read and disappear from the popups. For notifications of comments, this happens only after reloading. Until then, they will continue to be displayed, but without the blue dot to the left of the entry.

If the setting is disabled, they will only be marked as read if you manually uncheck them. They will then immediately disappear from the list.

Where can I set which notifications I don't want to receive?

You'll be able to set which notifications you wish to receive. We just set a default for each user.

There are two ways to access your notification settings:

  1. Open the notification popup and click on the gear icon.

  2. Or you open your User menu in the top right of the app header, click Account settings, and scroll down the page to Notifications.

☝️ Hint: The notification that someone has been assigned a task is only sent to the user when the project has been set from "Not started" to "In Progress". This allows the project planner to plan the project in advance and assign users to tasks without them receiving any notifications. As soon as the pre-planning is finished and the project status is set to "Progress", all users who have been assigned to the tasks will receive from that moment on the notifications.

Where can I turn off notifications as email?

Open the notifications popup and click on the gear icon. You will be taken to your notification settings.

There you'll see different columns for the various channels you'll be able to receive notifications from:

  • πŸ“± your smartphone

  • πŸ’» in the awork browser app

  • βœ‰οΈ email

If you have awork connected to Slack, you'll be able to select Slack as your notification channel here as well.

Can I also receive browser notifications when I don't have awork running?

No, unfortunately, this is not currently possible. Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in this feature.

When will I receive the notification if I want to be notified about the tasks or projects that are due soon?

Tasks due soon

At the beginning of the week you will receive a notification about the tasks that are due that week. Also, every day you will receive a notification about the tasks that are due the following day.

Exception: On Friday you will receive a notification about the tasks that are due on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Projects due soon

Every Friday you will receive a notification about the projects that are due in the coming week.

What are the options for being notified about due and overdue tasks?

  • via the personal notification settings in your account

    • see above

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