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awork Connect

Real teamwork with your external partners.

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With awork Connect, you can close the gap between your project team and your external partners by sharing your project easily, directly and free of charge with external people. Invite them to collaborate on your project with awork Connect and off you go - whether agencies, clients or freelancers.

How does awork Connect work?

With the help of awork Connect, a user can gain access to a project in another workspace. This person is invited to the workspace as an external user and thus has access to the project. The shared project is then displayed in the external user's workspace. This means that the external person must have a workspace in order to gain access to the shared project.

Invite external persons

There are four ways to invite an external person to your workspace.

  1. In the project details via the Add or remove project members button > Invite external users

  2. In the project details via the Connect button at the top right

  3. In the project details via the action button (three dots) > Assign member > Invite external users

  4. In the project settings under Assigned users > + Add > Invite external users

☝️Hint: No external persons can be added during project creation. The project must first be created and only then can the external users can be added.

After having invited the person, an external project-based permission role can be selected, see permission management.

As soon as the external person has accepted the invitation, it appears in the project settings under Assigned users. The project-based permission role can then be subsequently adjusted there.

There is no limit of external persons to a project. A project can have unlimited external persons.

The e-mail domain of the external users is irrelevant here. People with the same email domain can also be added as an external person.

As soon as the external person has accepted the invitation, the user can be used in awork, i.e. you can only then assign the person to a task.

Enable Button

You can use the Enable button in the Settings under General to temporarily disable inviting external people. If the button is deactivated, you can continue to work normally with awork connect and the external people you have already invited. Only new invitations for external persons are then not possible. This way you can prevent unwanted external people from being invited. If you then want to invite new external people again, you can simply reactivate the button.

Permission management

The external person gets a project-based permission role. The workspace-wide permission role that the person has in their workspace is irrelevant here.

When a new project-based permission role is created, you can select whether this role should apply to external users.

☝️Hint: Once this has been set, it can't be done reverse or changed.

An external person is not able to get the permission to edit the project details.

Accept invitation

If someone invites you to a project as an external person, you will receive an invitation link by email. If you already have an awork account and therefore also a workspace, the project will be displayed in your existing workspace once you have accepted the invitation. If you have several workspaces linked to your account, you can select the workspace in which the shared project should be displayed (only one workspace possible).

☝️Hint: The decision as to which workspace the shared project should be displayed in CANNOT be reversed, i.e. the project cannot be moved to another workspace. Alternatively, the admin can remove the external person from the workspace and add them again. However, we would only recommend this if the external person has not yet been “used” often, e.g. if they have not yet been assigned to any or only a few tasks in the project, etc.

Basic Connect Plan

If you did not yet have an awork subscription and you have been added to a project as an external person, you will automatically receive the Basic Connect Plan for your workspace. This plan is free of charge and includes the same functions as the Basic Plan.

You can have as many external projects as you like in your workspace with the Basic Connect plan, but only one project that you have created yourself. If you want to create another project, you have the option of starting the 14-day free trial version, which maps the Business Plan (Business Plan Features). You can then create a total of two projects of your own. After the 14-day trial expires, you can either book awork or go back to the Basic Connect Plan. The data, i.e. the second project you have created, will then remain in the workspace.

Trial/ awork subscription from the past

If you have already tested awork free of charge for 14 days in the past and now your external project is being shared with you, awork will ask you whether you would like to switch to the Basic Connect plan or book an awork subscription.

If you already had an awork subscription but it is no longer active, you will not be able to use the external project in the Basic Connect plan. You will then have to reactivate the subscription.

An external person in my workspace

The workspace logo of the external person in my workspace is displayed at the bottom right of the person's profile picture.

All project members are able to see the external person.

If I have shared a project with an external person, I can:

  • assign this person to tasks within this project

  • mention this person in the activity log in the project and in the project tasks

  • track times for this person

If the external person changes a task status, for example, I will be notified as usual according to my account settings.

However, the following actions are NOT possible with external persons:

  • view the external person in the “User” menu item

  • select them as a user in the planner (workload and calendar)

  • add them to teams

  • share task filters with them

  • filter by the external person in the task, project and time report filters

  • select them as a user within automations, BUT it is possible to select the external person via the project-based permission role in the automation

An external project in my workspace

The logo of the workspace in which the project was initially created is displayed at the bottom right of the external project image.

The External projects also appear as a menu item in the main menu on the left. All external projects are displayed below.

The external project is displayed in the main menu, in the project overview and in the dashboard filters.

☝️Hint: The project, the project tasks and the project members do NOT appear as search results when searching in awork.

If there are other external users on this project, I can view them all as an external person.

If I track time on the project or the project tasks as an external person, the tracked time belongs to the other workspace. I can see the time in the menu on the left under “Times”, but not in the time reports section.

As an external person, you do not have access to the workload section (business plan feature).

You can schedule tasks in your calendar, but this has no effect on the workspace in which the project was initially created.

As an external user, you can mention the other project members in the comments.

As an external user, I can only create a single project of my own, see above. I can create as many private tasks as I like but it is not possible to add other users to my private tasks.

An external person does not have access to the project settings.

Guests in awork

Until now, you could add external persons as guests in awork. This will no longer be necessary with awork Connect in the future. You have the option of migrating existing guest users to external persons. You can find more information here.


In the Settings menu item, you now have the option of defining existing e-mail domains in your workspace. If a person registers with this e-mail domain at awork and this e-mail domain is stored in your settings, this person will be asked during the registration process whether they would like to join your workspace. This prevents people from the same company from creating multiple workspaces. They will be informed that there is already a workspace here that they can join. You can find more information here.

Frequently asked questions

Can a person with a full awork license be migrated to an external person?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

How does awork Connect work if, for example, clients are not yet using awork?

They will receive an invitation by e-mail and will then be asked to register with awork and create their own workspace, in which the shared projects will then be displayed.

What happens to the previous guest licenses?

In the future, these will be completely replaced by external persons. At the moment, both options are still available. Existing guests can be migrated to external persons at any time, see here.

Can external persons access the planner?

Yes, but they will only see themselves as a user and only the shared project and their own projects.

Is awork Connect automatically available to me or do I have to book it?

awork Connect is available to every awork customer, regardless of the plan. Nothing needs to be added and there are no extra costs.

☝️Hint: Currently, awork Connect is only not available in the 14-day free trial version.

Does the external person in the shared project also see all other users?


Does the external person in the shared project see all comments in the task and the project?

The external person can always see the comments in the project. In the tasks that the external person can view in the project according to the project-based permission role, the external person also sees the comments.

Can I hide tasks in the shared project from the external person?

Yes, you can use the project-based permission role to set whether the external person can view all tasks in the project or only those to which the external person is assigned.

When will awork Connect be available?

awork Connect will gradually become available to all clients over the next few weeks.

Do the automations also work with external persons?

The external persons themselves cannot be selected as users in the automation, but they can be selected via the project-based permission role.

Can external persons also be included in API integrations?

External persons are listed when creating integrations via our API and can therefore also be selected. They are also marked as “external”.

Why can't I see the external person under the “User” menu item?

You do not see the person because they are not a fully-fledged user in your workspace. If you go to the settings in the shared project, you will see all project members there, with information on which people are external. The project-based permission role can also be adjusted there.

Can users with the same email domain be invited as external persons?

The email domain of the external users is irrelevant here. People with the same email domain can also be added as an external person.

Can I share any number of projects with an external person?

You can invite external persons to any number of projects, there is no limit.

What rights does an external person have on the shared project?

After inviting the person, an external project-based permission role can be selected, see permission management. An external person cannot be granted editing rights in the project details.

Where are the external person's times tracked?

The times are tracked in the workspace in which the released project was initially created.

Can the external person evaluate the tracked times in their own workspace under “Time reports”?

The external person will then see the time in the menu on the left under “Times”, but not in the time reports section.

How is data protection guaranteed?

We can guarantee data protection because external users are not connected to the workspace, but really only to the project.

What do external people see in the other workspaces?

Invited users can only ever see the external project. The connection does not exist between the workspace and the external person. It only establishes a connection between the user and the external project.

What users can see or do within the project depends on the project-based permission role.

However, external people see tasks and times on their dashboard, filters etc. from the external project and also receive notifications as long as the connection is active, even though this does not belong to their own workspace.

Does it cost anything to integrate external users into the workspace?

You can invite external users, just like guests in the past, without making them part of your workspace. There are no costs involved.

Can I invite users to the Basic Connect plan?

This is possible if you book awork and thus one of the Basic, Business or Enterprise plans for a fee.

Who can invite external persons?

People who have editing rights for projects can add external people to projects.

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