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Migrate guests to external users
Migrate guests to external users

awork Connect offers a simple and free alternative to guest licenses.

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In contrast to guest licenses, awork Connect allows you to seamlessly invite partners, clients or freelancers to a single project without making them a permanent part of your awork workspace. The shared project offers the same collaboration options as previous guest licenses.

How it works:

  1. Go to Settings > Permissions in the menu on the left and scroll down to the list of assigned roles to users.

  2. Enter the word “Guest” in the search bar at the top left so that all guest users are now displayed.

  3. Select a guest for migration and click on the Connect icon to the left of the user's permission role.

  4. After confirmation, the guest will receive an email to create their own awork workspace. The data is linked to the external person and is therefore retained.

  5. As soon as the new workspace has been created, the guest is completely deleted from the “old” workspace and the external person joins the shared project as an external person.

☝️Hint: A person with a full awork license can NOT be migrated to an external user.

Deactivated guests can also be migrated to external users.

If a full license is freed up by the migration (3 guest licenses), you can reduce the number of licenses under Settings > Manage subscription. This will then be taken into account in the next invoicing (start of the next service period).

People who only became awork users after the awork Connect release no longer have the option to invite guests.

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