Our team of consultants will be happy to assist you with the implementation of awork in configuration, training & integration.

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awork is easy and quick to implement, even and especially for users who are otherwise untrained in project management. Nevertheless, especially in large teams, targeted consulting by our team can simplify and accelerate the process.

In particular, we support our enterprise customers during the implementation process upon request, from the initial configuration and data migration to integration into existing infrastructure and regular training sessions for all users.

For this purpose, we have our own consulting team, which masters awork down to the smallest detail and is happy to show you best practices of past projects.

To talk about your visions and to be able to make you an appropriate offer, please contact us at [email protected] or book a free initial appointment directly with us.


For all our team and business plan clients we offer a free self-onboarding. This consists of two project templates that are available directly in your awork workspace for introductory and training purposes.

For administrators: Workspace Setup

To set up the workspace, use our setup project template. This is for those of you who are actively accompanying the introduction of awork.

  1. Create a new project (e.g. by hitting the P on the keyboard). Give the project the name Workspace Setup and click on Next.

  2. In the selection that appears, choose the template awork Workspace Setup.

  3. You only need to create this project once. If more than one user is involved in setting up the workspace, add them as members on the project details page, if you have not already done so when creating the project.

  4. Navigate to the Tasks tab. Here you will find all the information and materials you need for a successful awork launch.

For new users: User Onboarding

You have been invited as a new user to your awork workspace? Then we recommend that you create your own onboarding project.

  1. To create the project, follow the same procedure as described above under Workspace Setup.

  2. Name the project Onboarding YOUR NAME.

  3. Select the template First steps in awork from the template library.

  4. Then work through the project tasks to familiarise yourself with awork and learn the tool.

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