Absences can be created and managed for users in the planner. They reduce the available planning capacity in their period.

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Absences (for example vacations, sick days, or parenting) reduce the available capacity to zero or half the capacity for half-day absences. Projects and tasks are not distributed to these days in the planner's workload calculation, or reduced (for half-day absences).

Create a new absence

Absences for users can be entered by clicking and dragging in the planner's workload view.

An absence can optionally have a name. However, nothing has to be entered here. For absences without a name, the overview simply says "Absent". You can also choose from one of the suggested text modules that are displayed as soon as you click on the text field.

If you just select 1/2 a day on the first/last day on the start or end date, only a half-day absence will be created for the day. Therefore, only half of the capacity will be created on that day. For the start date, the second half of the day is marked as absent, and for the end date, the first half of the day.

Appointments and tasks on absent days

Unlike projects and tasks, where the workload can be spread over different available days, the workload for appointments and tasks scheduled in the calendar remains even on days when absences exist.

Absences on the dashboard

There is a dashboard widget for viewing upcoming absences.

Frequently asked

Are there half days of absence?

Yes, you can also create half-day absences. See the section Create a new absence.

Can I also exclude individual weekdays in principle?

Yes, you can simply reduce the working hours to 0h in the user's weekly availability to generally mark individual days as unavailable.

Are public holidays taken into account?

No, currently holidays are not automatically taken into account.

What permissions must be granted so that absences can be created?

In order for a user to be able to create absences in the Planner, he/she needs write permissions to the User Planning (Settings > Permissions > Workspace-wide permission roles > Global users permissions > User Planning).

How can I delete an absence?

If you hover with the mouse over the corresponding absence, a cross appears at the top right of the absence, with which you can delete the absence.

โ˜๏ธHint: If you use the Personio integration, the absences sent from Personio to awork must be deleted in Personio. These can then NOT be deleted in awork.

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