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Are you using the HR tool Personio? Integrate it with awork to see the absences automatically in awork for the planner as well.

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What exactly does the Personio integration do?

With awork to Personio integration, your team's absences are automatically transferred from Personio to awork.

This is done in an hourly synchronization. Therefore it can happen that a new absence in Personio appears in awork with a maximum delay of 1h.

All absences up to 14 days in the past and 180 days in the future are transmitted. If an absence begins or ends outside this period, it will still be transmitted if it ends or begins within this period.

For example: Today is the 21.07. Therefore, all absences from the 07.07 and another 180 days are transferred to awork. If an absence starts on 05.07, but continues until 10.07, then this absence will also be transferred, even if it starts outside the 14 days in the past. The same applies to the 180 days in the future.

The synchronization between the users is done via the account email address. This must be the same in Personio and awork. The account email address can only be changed by the user himself.

The absences that come from Personio cannot be edited or deleted in awork. They are marked accordingly with the Personio icon.

However, absences can still be created and edited manually in awork.

โ˜๏ธHint: Public holidays will NOT be transferred from Personio to awork.

Set up Personio integration

To set up the integration, you need the appropriate permissions in your Personio account.

1. In Personio go to Settings at the bottom left and select the API Access Data field in the Integration section.

2. Click here on the button Generate new access data

3. Give the access a name e.g. "awork integration for absences".

Set the access permissions as shown in the screenshot.

Set the attributes as shown in the screenshot.

Leave the window open, because you need Client-Id and Secret in a following step.

4. In awork go to Settings > Integrations and open the integration library. Select Personio and click on Set up integration.

5. Copy the Client id and the Client secret from Personio and paste them into the awork window. Click on Save to set up the integration.

6. You will see a window with the matched users (based on their email address in both tools). If there are unexpected users in the list of non-matched users, check their email addresses.

Your sync is now active.

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