Use types of work correctly

Tasks and times always have a type of work. A categorization of work that you'll be able to use for evaluations and for invoices.

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Activities are a definable set of parameters that you'll be able to assign to tasks and times to better classify the type of work. This is helpful if for example you wish to charge different hourly rates for different activities.

The type of work is a mandatory field for times and tasks and must always be specified.

The last type of work you used will always be preselected when creating new times and tasks.

โ˜๏ธHint: When you start a timer on a task, the started time applies to the type of work of the task. You'll be able to define how the time should be categorized when you create the tasks.

Manage Types of work

To create a new type of work, edit or delete an existing one, navigate to Settings > Categories > Type of work.

Click the blue button + Type of work on the top right to create a new type of work. When creating, you just need to enter a name and select an icon. In addition, a description of the type of work can be added.

Delete the type of work

You'll be able to delete the type of work using the action button. When deleting a task, you always need to select another task, which will then receive all the times and tasks that previously had the task to be deleted.

Set the type of work of a task

The best way to define the type of work of a task is in the editing window of the task. There you'll be able to adjust it for existing tasks.

When creating a new task directly in a task list, you'll be able to select the type of work in the dropdown on the right via the Add details button.

You'll be able to change the type of work of several tasks at once.

Set the type of work in the time tracking

You can set the type of work of a time in the time editing window when editing or creating a time.

When you enter a time using the timer, you'll be able to open the options by clicking on the running time in the lower right corner and adjust the type of work there.

If you start the timer on a task, the type of work of the task will be taken. Otherwise, the last type of work used during the time recording is preselected.

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