Using project types

Project types are a categorization that helps you to evaluate your projects and times in a meaningful way - if you need to.

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Project types help you to categorize and better evaluate your projects. Each project can belong to only one type. However, assigning a type to a project is optional.

Create and manage project types

To create and manage the project types, go to Settings > Categories > Project types.

Use the green add button to create a type. A project type only has a unique name, a short description, and an icon.

In the list, you can edit and delete the project types.

Evaluate times by project type

In the time reports section, you can switch to the Filter tab in the dropdown for selecting projects. There, you have the opportunity to select one or more project types to create a report containing certain types.

In the time reports, you can also sum up according to the project type. That means your times within a group will be summed up per project type. So you can compare how much time has been recorded on the different project types in a certain period.

Filter by project type

In the project overview (Main menu > Projects), you can create filters based on project types or group your projects by project types.

This way, you can keep an optimal overview of the projects, divided into the different project types.

Why can't I select a type when creating a project?

Project types are only selectable when creating a new project if you have created some under Settings > Categories > Project types. By default, no project types are available.

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