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Edit multiple tasks at the same time
Edit multiple tasks at the same time

Select and edit several tasks at the same time via a multiple selection in the list view of a project.

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With awork, you're able to select multiple tasks in the list views and use certain actions. You can do this under Tasks in the main menu and in the list view of project tasks.

Select the respective tasks or entire lists via the checkboxes to the left of the task list. They will appear when you move the mouse pointer over the task lines.

A bar appears at the bottom of the screen that shows you how many tasks are selected and which actions are possible. Deselect the tasks here (then the bar disappears again) or perform an action on all selected tasks.

Available multiple selection

The following actions are available:

Set tasks status

Changes the status of the selected tasks. This action is only possible if the selected tasks all belong to the same project because the task statuses can be different for each project.

Set tasks assignee

Changes the assignee for all selected tasks. The assignee can also be removed.

Set tasks due date

Changes the deadline for all selected tasks. The deadline can also be removed.

Move tasks to project

Changes the project for all selected tasks. A new task status must also be selected here because the task statuses can be completely different in the new project. A list can also be selected to which the tasks are to be moved.

Move tasks to list

Moves all selected tasks to another list. The tasks are automatically removed from all other lists. However, there is also the option to leave the tasks in the current lists and only add them to the selected list.

Add tags

Adds a tag to all selected tasks. If you separate the individual tags with a "comma", you can also add several tags at the same time.

Set tasks type of work

Changes the type of work for all selected tasks. Here you can additionally select whether the same type of work should also be changed for all times recorded on the task.

Set tasks priority

Changes the priority for all selected tasks.

Delete tasks

Deletes the selected tasks.

☝️Important: It's currently not possible to select and edit multiple tasks from the Dashboard, Board or Timeline view at the same time.

Necessary rights

In the list view of the tasks of a project, editing rights are required.

In the main menu under Tasks, each user can edit their own private tasks and project tasks simultaneously.

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