Task templates

Templates are blueprints for tasks. They help you to predefine recurring workflows easily.

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Task templates help you define recurring workflows in advance and load them into your projects quickly and easily. They include tasks and task lists with all the details you already know from the tasks.

Manage task templates

The overview of all your templates can be found under Settings > Templates.

☝️ Important: If you modify a template later, it won't affect the tasks and projects where you have already used the template.

Create a new template

Navigate to Settings > Templates. Now click the blue button + task template in the Task Templates section. In the next step you're able to enter a name and a description for the template, as well as choose an icon for your template.

On the details page, you can add task lists and tasks to the template.

When creating tasks via the edit field, you will see 2-3 fields that differ from the ones in the project tasks.

Relative start and end date

You can specify how many days the start date and deadline take after the task is created. The basis for this is the time at which the template is loaded into a project.

Project role

If you choose a project role instead of a user, the first user in a project will be assigned the role defined in the template.

Dependent on

Here you can select on which tasks this task should be dependent. The tasks that have to be completed before this task can be edited are automatically displayed in the task details after using the template. In the timeline they are even displayed with the arrow link.

Create templates from project

A new template can also be created from the existing tasks and lists of a project.

To do this, go to the project tasks in the list view. Use the action button in the upper right corner above the lists to save the whole project as a template. All task lists and tasks, including their details, are saved as a template and can be reused in other projects.

The same is also possible for individual lists of a project. To do so, click on the action button of the respective task list and select Export to task template to create a new template.

Use task templates in a project

If you want to add templates to a project, just click on the corresponding import icon in the upper right corner of the project tasks and choose Import task template. All lists and tasks will be added to your project afterward.

If you already have lists with the same names in your project, the tasks from the template will be added there.

Frequently asked questions

How is the deadline set dynamically for a task when a task template is used?

If a task template is used, the dynamic deadline for a task is set according to the creation date, i.e. the day on which the task template was used. For example, if you load a task template on 03/05/2023 and the task is set to set the deadline in 5 days after creation, then the deadline of the task is 03/10/2023.

If you want the deadline of the task to be changed when the status changes (e.g. from To Do to In Progress), you can set this accordingly using an automation per project. You can find more information about the automations here.

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