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AI - The smart project assistant
AI - The smart project assistant

With help of the AI feature in awork you can easily generate projects and tasks in no time.

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Time is the most valuable resource for many teams in the project business. Therefore, project and task creation usually has to be done quickly. Read on to find out how awork will improve your team’s project routine and helps you to save valuable time.

Create new projects fast and easy

When creating a new project in awork, you will now find the option Create with AI in the templates.

This will take you to an input window where you can describe what kind of project you want to start. For example, describe your ideas and goals, define requirements, or give directions. The more context you provide to the AI, the more precisely the results will be shaped according to your wishes. With one click on Suggest tasks, you activate the AI.

Based on your input, you will receive a project list with tasks, including descriptions, in just a few seconds. You can either take this suggestion and transfer it directly to the new project or refine it even further. So if you’re not 100% satisfied with the result yet, simply provide more information for the AI to optimize the tasks for your requirements and have it create an improved suggestion.

Are you happy with the result? Then click Create project to start and your team can tackle the new tasks right away.

Add new tasks to your existing project

Even your ongoing projects can easily be supported with AI via creating new task lists.

Simply create a new task list in a project. At the bottom of the empty list, you will find the option Create tasks with AI.

This will take you to the input window for AI-powered task creation. Describe your new problem to the AI here and have the necessary tasks generated in seconds. You have the same options as when creating a project with AI: Describe the problem that has arisen or describe what you plan to do to have tasks generated automatically. Take the result directly into your project via Use tasks or – if necessary – do some fine-tuning here as well.

Creative brainstorming with AI

The classic: Your ideas already sound great in your head, but it’s still hard for you to put it into words. With the AI in awork, you can brainstorm your ideas and thoughts easily – whether alone or together with your team.

The AI’s suggestions help to develop, discuss, and refine ideas. Perfect conditions for fresh thoughts – Bye bye, creative block!

Frequently asked questions

What technology is the AI feature based on?

We use Azure OpenAI by Microsoft.

How is data security ensured?

Like all of your awork data, the data created through the AI feature is hosted in our Microsoft data centers. We do not transmit data to other tools, such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, since we rely on Microsoft's Azure OpenAI technology. Additionally, no personal data is transferred.

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