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Manage the statuses of the tasks in the form of columns in the board view.

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In the project, you'll find the board view for the project tasks, direct next to the tasks. Here you can see each task status as a separate column and the tasks as cards in these columns.

Drag and drop the cards between different statuses or customize the order of the cards.

Add or change columns or task statuses

Create additional columns, i.e. task statuses, via the column indicated on the far right. Click on it to assign a name to the new column, and use the color dropdown to select the status type.

You can also change the status name, color or icon by clicking on the actions per column.

For the "To Do"- status you can choose between the grey outlined checkbox and a blue status with an icon. The checkbox is the default layout in your task list. By choosing one of the icons with a blue background, your To-Do-status will be displayed consistently with the blue icon throughout all views.

You can read more about the task statuses here.

Then change the order of the columns using drag & drop. Columns are the same order as the status circles of the pop-up when you hover the mouse cursor over the task checkbox.

In the Settings tab of a project, you're also able to customize the task statuses and drag and drop them to adjust the order.

Change the columns via the action button.

โ˜๏ธHint: You can predefine the task statuses in project templates, so that projects you create from a specific template will have the desired columns from the start.

In the board view of the project, there is a fixed column for closed tasks. As this column cannot be hidden, one of the checkmarks (either all closed or recently closed) always remains. You can only display either the recently closed or all closed tasks here. For example, if you select "Show all", the check mark is automatically removed from "Show recently closed".

Create new tasks in the board view

At the top of each column, there is a + Add Task button for adding new tasks to the respective columns.

Of course, you can also simply create new tasks using the blue + Add-button at the top left. The new task will then appear in the column matching the status.

Edit task details

If you move the mouse cursor over a card, you'll see the different actions you can perform directly on the task.

Open the task details by clicking on the task name.

Change the order of tasks

You can change the order of tasks within a column.

This doesn't affect the order of tasks within a task list.

Group by lists or users

To get a better overview of the tasks in your board, you can group the whole board by the task lists or users.

To do that, select the button next to the button for Done shown.

If the list is grouped, you're also able to assign tasks to other users or move them back and forth between lists using drag & drop.

Using the presentation mode

Via the screen icon in the upper right corner, you can set the board into presentation mode. In this presentation mode, the board is set to a reading mode, and extra elements are hidden.

This gives a clear and clean overview if, for example, you want to display the board on a TV as a dashboard.

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