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User bookings

With bookings you can quickly reserve users for projects in certain time ranges and build a workload overview in awork.

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What are bookings?

Similar to tasks, they schedule a user for a project in a selected period of time. However, they are much easier and faster to create than tasks. This makes "painting" assignments super easy and fast.

A booking always has a user, a project and a scheduled value. Optionally, a note can also be added. This is helpful, e.g. if you already want to block the time, but are possibly not yet sure whether the job actually occurs there.

Create, edit and remove bookings

You can create bookings in the timeline (in the project or the workload overview) simply by clicking & dragging. The pre-entered planned workload always corresponds to the total capacity of the user in the time period.

You can move, extend, shorten or edit bookings by clicking on the element.

You can also convert bookings into tasks by clicking on the small icon on the right edge of the booking as soon as you move the mouse over the element.

You can delete bookings by clicking on the small x icon in the upper right corner of the element, which appears when you move the mouse over it.

Bookings within a project

Within a project you can create bookings in the timeline via click & drag, similar to tasks. Here the project is assigned automatically and you only have to define the user and the planned effort.

Bookings in the workload view

In the workload timeline you can also create bookings via click & drag. Since you are always in the row of a user, you only have to define the project and the planned effort.

Effect on workload by bookings

The specified planned effort of a booking is distributed evenly over the available days of the user in the time range. If the working time varies between the days, the distribution is adjusted proportionally.

Unlike tasks, the remaining effort is not pushed into the future. For example, if you have a booking that started a week ago and will last another week, the effort on the individual days remains unchanged as the days pass. The reason for this is that a booking, unlike tasks, does not have a status and no times can be recorded on it.

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