Pre-built project templates by awork

In addition to your custom templates, we provide a number of pre-built templates that you can use when creating projects.

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We offer you a number of pre-built project templates, which already contain some nice project and task statuses, a structure of task lists and a few practical automations. With these templates you can easily map your workflows in awork.

Which project templates are available and where can I find the details?

The current selection of existing project templates can be found in the template selection window when creating a new project.

If you want to learn more about the individual templates, just click on the small information icon in the upper right corner of the template tile. This will show you all the details of the template that will be applied to the project when used.

Currently there are 27 templates, which will be extended over time. Do you have a specific template request? Then please contact us.

Using a predefined project template

You can use the pre-built templates in the same way as the custom ones. Just choose a template when you create a new project.

You cannot change a template that has already been applied to the project, because the project has been configured too much and added data such as automations and tasks could be overwritten. If you accidentally used the wrong template and did not do anything else in the project, simply delete it and create a new one with the correct template.

Customize a predefined project template

The prefabricated templates cannot be edited. However, once you have used a template when creating a project, you can customize everything in the project and overwrite or delete the settings and sample data from the template.

If you want to change the template and save it as your own template, then

  1. create a new project with the desired template

  2. make your adjustments in the project

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