Rough planning of projects

Projects can be scheduled with a planned effort over the project period, which has an impact on the workload.

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⚠️ Important:

Rough planning for projects has been replaced by bookings in the planner since 11/28/2022. All previous planning has been migrated to new bookings.

Projects can be scheduled over the project period with a planned effort for each project member, which has an impact on the respective workload.

Schedule a project

To schedule a project, go to the project details and click on Schedule in the info block, or on Schedule time and effort via the action menu.

It is important that the project has a start and end date, so that the planned value has an impact on the workload of the users.

Using the sliders or input fields you can now select the plan value in hours for each project member.

As long as the project is in a blue, yellow, or red status, it appears in the workload overview and has an effect on the workload.

If a user is removed from the project, the planned workload is automatically removed as well.

Update or use budget

The project budget can be distributed equally among the users - or vice versa, the project budget can be updated according to the sum of the planned effort of the users, given no budget was yet planned for the project. However, the values are not fixed to each other.

Customize planned efforts for users

You can adjust the planned effort at any time using the action menu in the project details. This also applies to projects that are displayed in the timeline,

This can be especially helpful if a project is running nicely for a long time, but the remaining effort does not reflect the effort that is really needed.

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