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In awork, you will often stumble across the term "workspace". But what exactly is that? This article explains the workspace in more detail.

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A workspace is a separate awork account with any number of users. It is a digital working environment separated from the data.

A company, group or organization usually has its own workspace where all users & projects are managed.

What's special is that you'll be able to be in multiple workspaces with your awork account. You'll be able to switch between the different workspaces via your account in the top right corner of the app header.

When you register with awork, you create a new workspace. Then you'll be able to name and configure the workspace as you like.

Each workspace has its own plan. I.e. Basic, Business or Enterprise licenses must be booked separately for each workspace.

How can I invite other users?

You'll be able to invite other users in the main menu under Settings > Invite User, given that you have sufficient permissions.

If the user already has an awork account through another workspace, the same account will be used if the email address is identical to the one used when inviting the user.

How can I rename my workspace?

You'll be able to change the name and logo of your workspace under Settings > General. Within the Enterprise plan, the URL (subdomain of your workspace) will be able to be changed as well.

How can I delete my workspace?

In settings

If you don't need your awork workspace anymore, you'll be able to delete it in the Settings > General section. After the confirmation window, you will receive an email to confirm this step.

☝️ Hint: To delete your workspace, you must first log in to awork before clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail.

Trial or paid subscription expired

When your active subscription or trial has expired, you can delete the workspace from the subscription modal, which you can access from the overlay.

☝️ Warning: All data of the workspace will be irretrievably deleted. Remember to export everything you still need.

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