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awork Community

Use this Community to connect each other, exchange best practices, getting answers and explore awork.

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Our awork Community

Here you can exchange ideas with other awork users, share valuable tips, ask questions and discover the many facets of awork together.

Let's build an inspiring and supportive Community together to get the best out of awork!

You can find the link to our awork Community at the bottom of our website. You can also access the community via the icon with the question mark at the top left of awork.

The language of our awork Community is German. The language in the Developer Forum is exclusively English. You can change the interface language. However, not everything can be translated at the moment.

How to change the interface language:

  1. Log in

  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner

  3. Click on Profile

  4. Click on “Einstellungen”

  5. Click on “Oberfläche” in the top menu

  6. Pick another language from “Oberflächensprache”

  7. Scroll down and click “Änderungen speichern”

Layout and structure

First of all, you can log in to our Community with your awork login data, access our help center, search and filter for topics, open the menu and view your notifications.

☝️Hint: People who already have an awork account can log in to the Community with their login details and then ask questions, comment, exchange information, etc. If you do not yet have an awork account and do not want to create one for the time being, then you only have "read rights" in our awork Community.

In the categories

  • Getting Started

  • Help, tips and use cases

  • Webinars, podcasts and events

  • Latest news

  • Product feedback

  • Developer Forum

you can get to know our Community, exchange ideas, stay up to date with the latest news from awork, send us feedback and exchange ideas with our development team.

You can contact our support team via the chat button at the bottom right.

☝️Hint: In the "Getting Started" category, you can find more information on how to use our Community.

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