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MOCO Browser extension (Chrome & Firefox)
MOCO Browser extension (Chrome & Firefox)

The MOCO plugin is great for easily keeping track of time and efficiently handling projects in awork.

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MOCO is an agency software that allows you to manage your accounting, along with many other helpful features, without stress and paperwork.

What exactly does the MOCO extension do?

With the MOCO Time Tracking Plugin, you can directly track time in MOCO while using awork.

After installing the plugin, the MOCO extension will appear in the bottom right corner as soon as you click on a task in awork.

When you click on the MOCO extension, the name of the task is automatically filled in the comment field, and you can choose the type of work. The extension remembers the work type you selected for this task and automatically preselects it the next time. If you need different types of work, you can set them up in your MOCO account.

The extension recognizes how much time you have already tracked for this task and displays it to you.

How to set up the MOCO Extension

Install the MOCO Plugin.

Then, open the MOCO Time Tracking Plugin.

Now provide your subdomain and the API key. You can find this information in MOCO under Profile > Integrations > Personal API Key and Profile > Integrations > URL for displaying planning in an external calendar.

Now, refresh the awork website. As soon as you click on a task in awork, the MOCO extension will appear.

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