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With this easybill integration, tracked times from awork can be transferred directly to an invoice tool or an invoice.

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Integrating an invoice tool makes it possible to transfer times entered in awork directly to invoices in the integrated tool. In this article, you will learn how this works.

Set up the easybill integration

To set up the easybill integration, go to Settings > Integrations in the awork menu. Open the integration library and select easybill in the invoicing tools section.

You are also able to start the integration setup directly from the time evaluations, if there is no billing tool integrated yet. Just click on the dollar icon in the upper right corner and select Generate Invoice.

A window will open where you have to enter the API key of easybill. After you have copied the API key into the field, click on save, and the integration is set up.

You can find the easybill API token in easybill under Profil -> Profil & Settings -> API Key

Other integrated tools for generating invoices:

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