Google Sheets Integration

With the add-on for Google Sheets, you can load data from awork and create individual reports with just a few clicks.

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awork has its own add-on for Google Sheets. With this add-on you can load data from awork into your open spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

You can load the following raw data with the add-on:

  • Tasks

  • Users

  • Times

  • Projects

Set up the integration

Add this add-on to your Google Workspace first. You can do that via this link: awork in Google Workplace Marketplace

You can also access the add-on via Extensions > Add-ons > Add add-on directly in your Google spreadsheet. Search in the Marketplace for "awork".

Click Install in the add-on details in the Marketplace.

The add-on is now set up for your Google account that you are currently logged in with.

Load data into your Google spreadsheet

The add-on can be controlled via awork's own sidebar. To display it in your table, go to Extensions > awork > Open sidebar.

It may take a few seconds to load both in the extensions menu and the add-on sidebar content.

First you need to log in to the awork add-on once with your awork account.

☝️Important: After successful login, the page with your Google spreadsheet must be reloaded once. If the awork sidebar is hidden, you can show it again via Extensions > awork > Open sidebar.

Now simply check the boxes of the data you want to load and click Import data. The data will be automatically retrieved and displayed in separate spreadsheets.

Using the data

In order to be able to update the data in the future, it is important that you do not edit the automatically created spreadsheets. All changes would be overwritten automatically when updating.

Use references and Lookups to evaluate and display the data in your own spreadsheets.

Update data

If you have created an evaluation and want to update the data, simply open the sidebar again and click on Import data. The raw data in the automatically created spreadsheets will be automatically overwritten and updated.

If you have created an evaluation that references this raw data, the new data will be automatically imported.

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